why plastic pallet is an ideal choice for shipping pharmaceutical products?

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-08
According to the global pharmaceutical market report 2018 released by market research company in March 2018.
Com, the global pharmaceutical market is taking 5.
8%, which will be worth $1. 17 trillion in 2021.
Despite some major challenges, such as higher R & D costs, regulatory barriers, and a competitive environment, growth is still possible.
There are also strict requirements for the hygiene of drug transportation and storage, as most logistics companies engaged in the transportation of pharmaceutical products have now shifted their attention to plastic pallets.
These pallets have now largely replaced wooden pallets for the transportation of a range of goods, including pharmaceutical products.
All in all, plastic pallets have become ideal for transporting pharmaceutical products.
There are several reasons, listed below. Have a look.
After receiving repeated complaints about the bad smell in packaged drugs, a detailed survey revealed that the bad smell was due to the presence of a wood preservative called 2, 4, 6-Tribromo (TBP)
This is used for application on wooden pallets.
This chemical creates dirt when exposed to excess moisture
Smell chemicals 2, 4, 6-
Tribromoanisole (TBA).
Therefore, the FDA issued a statement to be careful when packaging drugs using wooden pallets treated with chemical TBP.
There is no such concern regarding the use of plastic pallets to transport or store medicines.
Since plastic pallets are also more durable than wooden pallets and have no smell, they are gradually considered ideal for pharmaceutical products.
The wooden tray is easy to clean and disinfect, and is not easy to clean due to sharp protruding nails, rough surfaces and dust accumulation in hidden corners.
In a humid environment, they can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria or mold.
Therefore, it takes a lot of energy and time to disinfect them.
On the other hand, plastic pallets with smooth surfaces and waterproof properties can be manually cleaned by an automatic cleaning mechanism at any time.
They have no hidden corners of dust or dirt.
As a result, these are found to be suitable for transport products that are vital to hygiene.
Easy to use at temperature
Controlled environment if several drugs are not stored at temperature, they will not work as expected
Control the environment.
Many pharmaceutical companies use refrigerated trucks or containers to transport these products.
While it is found that plastic pallets can withstand a wide range of temperatures, it is found that wooden pallets do not ensure extreme temperatures.
In addition, cooling leads to moisture in the air, which makes these wooden pallets unsuitable for the transportation of pharmaceutical products.
For safe transportation of medicines, it is essential to purchase plastic pallets from well-known manufacturers or suppliers.
Today, there are several manufacturers and suppliers offering hygienic plastic pallets of various sizes, designs and colors to meet the different needs of the pharmaceutical industry.
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