When maintenance of solid wood cabinets, what skills?

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-10
Solid wood cabinets is mainly meet with books, articles and documents in the office decoration and other requirements, its material is more popular with business style, but in order to ensure the service life of solid wood cabinets, therefore in use process need for maintenance, maintenance of solid wood cabinets have what skills? Then follow us to look at together. 1, want to maintain the service life of solid wood cabinets, so requires attention when using, must avoid hard objects in contact with solid wood cabinets, particularly can not to knock, more can't use sharp objects scratch the surface, this is big to the harm of solid wood cabinets, also note that the switch when the door of cupboard of solid wood cabinets and drawers are also not too hard, need to pay attention to prevent damage to use for a long time after. 2, solid wood cabinets for daily use must pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance, can every day to the surface to remove dust, if the surface of the solid wood cabinets are difficult to remove the stain, so also can use some neutral detergent to wipe, but will note must cleaner clean, and to avoid residual moisture, avoid moisture in solid wood cabinets and cause rotting inside. 3, in the use of solid wood cabinets, the massive books for a few more items we must put in lower solid wood cabinets, such ability can avoid due to long-term stress affect the structure of solid wood cabinets, solid wood cabinets and the upper is too heavy and the lower too light, it is very easy to cause the phenomenon of not smooth, this may be a casual collision will lead to solid wood cabinets danger of dumping. 4, because of solid wood cabinets its material, therefore in the process of use must be avoided in humid environment and too dry, because the wet environment will lead to the harm of solid wood cabinets be affected with damp be affected with damp hungry expansion deformation occurred, and if too dry would be a cracking phenomenon, so it is will cause serious influence to solid wood file, so in order to ensure the service life of solid wood cabinets, its implantation environment is crucial. Above is that we share the skill of maintenance of solid wood cabinets, hope to you can help, if you have any question, welcome to consult our, answers one by one for you.
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