When choosing office furniture enterprise, will pay attention to what kind of design concept

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-22
Foshan most of the enterprises, in order to choose suitable for existing office environment put of office products, often from many aspects comprehensive consideration the characteristics of the product. As its function whether to meet the demand of office daily work, whether the material environmental health, is durable, and so on. But for the novice entrepreneurs, should consider the characteristics of office furniture? Or foshan enterprises will pay attention to when choosing furniture design concept? Here follow franktechfurniture furniture is familiar with the following knowledge together to find the answer! Choose the design concept of office furniture will usually consider 1, office furniture, the practical concept of office furniture is the most critical role of auxiliary office, people bring many convenient office life. To everyone in the choice of office products, the first concern is the use of the products and function, the characters of second choice products within the scope of aesthetic. Therefore, to a certain extent, product beautiful sex is not to be relied and practical. Looks too pursuit of beauty products, add too many tedious design, hard to avoid gild the lily. Is concise and practical office furniture by the young people like it. 2, office furniture, the comfort level of the concept of comfortable office furniture is the most basic design requirements. To office desks and chairs, for example, its height is reasonable, to ensure that users have a more comfortable position, will be more conducive to the relaxation of the mood, and put the work in a more full of energy, office rate naturally go up. These designs include lifting, rotating desk, height adjustable desks, and leaned back and headrest adjustable computer chair and so on. 3 raw materials, office furniture of environmental protection concept is decided to the decisive factors of the quality of the products, green pollution-free, office furniture not only material to choose green, pollution-free, and the detailed design process is environmentally safe. In order to make the finished product, the release of harmful gas such as formaldehyde concentration within the scope of the provisions of the state. And this kind of office furniture is in conformity with the concept of environmental protection products. Franktechfurniture furniture to office furniture production quality is good and green security as the goal, hope with you create new age environmental health office furniture products, there is a lot more about the screen color choice of office leather office couch. 4, office leather office couch culture idea good office leather office couch, can design according to the enterprise culture background, product more reflects connotation of the enterprise, is conducive to the taste experience and set up the enterprise image and publicity. And combined with background and conforms to the cultural pursuit of office furniture products, the excellent product is accord with the culture idea. Foshan franktechfurniture furniture company will be according to the different space, design different product combinations, injection product design and product properties of the service, for users to make late put mid prophase planning and design, installation, after-sales service and so on a series of office furniture custom service, worthy of your choice and trust.
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