What you should do the homework before purchasing school furniture? Little teacher hold you

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-19
The color of furniture in school. Unlike office furniture, school furniture does not recommend using dark color, small make up recommend school furniture is given priority to with light color department, if it is a primary school or kindergarten, can choose to share out bonus, powder blue or green, it's a lovely colour. Winter vacation approaching, it is each school renovation furniture improvement of campus environment critical moment! Style small make up think about the school furniture and office furniture, the biggest difference is safety, the style of school furniture also has a lot of, but no matter you choose what kind of style, security issues should be first, for example, school furniture cannot appear sharp edges and sharp tips, angular position to do round or chamfering processing, etc. , so as to ensure the safety of the students at this point, gold furniture is doing very well. School furniture is green environmental protection. Small make up think that this is the most important point, students are flowers of the motherland, young strong is China's strong, and the furniture formaldehyde school can cause great influence to student's physical development, such as campus furniture harm is very big, so the major schools in the purchase of furniture, must find normal manufacturer, formal channels. Small make up recommend guangzhou, strong as a 36 year old school furniture manufacturers, from material selection to the furniture in the strict scrutiny, not have a mistake, for many years enjoyed a good reputation in the industry.
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