What problem should decides to do about office furniture, office furniture order process in detail

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-07
Foshan custom-built office furniture is to decorate good things in the office, so in the order of office furniture, office space need to be taken into account the actual size, as well as the station distribution, the reasonable design, also need to consider the style of the design, according to the design style to choose the color of office furniture panels, material choice as far as possible some more durable and waterproof material, but also good delivery time and other issues, the following detailed to introduce the foshan furniture to decides what to do about problems, made detailed office furniture process! A, foshan office furniture order need to consider what problem 1, need to take into account the company's actual situation, measuring the office space, and location and spatial distribution of office. 2, need to take into account the company's office furniture design advantages style sheet and color, to the office to ensure that the customized furniture design style is consistent, don't be too abrupt. 3. Need to consider the function of custom furniture and material, furniture USES functions and furniture material is inseparable, the use of different functions in different material such as: tea water tank will need to use more into boards, more into a plate of water proofing property is much better than other plank, even spilled water on the plate is not easy to expand or cleft. 4, custom office furniture to need time is longer than conventional office leather office couch, also need to consider the delivery time. Second, foshan office furniture custom-made process 1, understand the product, choosing model have to be fully understanding to the furniture market, for each manufacturer of custom products and know some pre-market after-sales service, buyers to factory hall to see the product sample, to understand the product design, material, and so on and so forth again after with designers speak his claim to the custom-made leather office couch and use purposes; In this way can we determine whether to sign the order. Measure 2, the designer, provide solutions with the direction of the design style, to make an appointment for the door to measure time, in order to complete the requirements of product by the customer with the fastest speed. Designers to come to measure and determine the size and the location of the whole furniture, then put out a set of office furniture whole rendering ( Powerful manufacturers can also request the 3 d rendering, similar photos, more clear) And quotation. 3, to determine the order, pay on production for the designer to provide office furniture customization solution and quotation, such as satisfied with the product design, put scheme and quotation can deposit payment notice factory to begin production. Design scheme was determined to sign a contract to supply and consumers to carefully analyze the content by the terms and conditions of the contract. 4, delivery, installation, and pay the balance payment after determine the good product, buyers and sellers will agree on time delivery, in order to save time for both parties. Manufacturer's production cycle is about 20 to 30 days commonly, Except special case) , wait for factory delivery after the installation, buyers acceptance of finished first, there is no problem and then pay the balance payment for factory staff Numbers at the same time, such as after-sales problems in the future, to facilitate contact. That is about & other; Foshan what problem should decides to do about office furniture, office furniture in detail order process & throughout; The introduction, the hope can help you!
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