What problem should consider before office furniture customization? 【 】

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-06
Nowadays, office environment tend to be popular, to save space, it is some combination of furniture, office furniture demand is becoming more and more attention. Therefore, the functional design of office furniture custom is one of the most important. On the contrary, if there is no function, office furniture, there is no significance of its existence, so all we have to consider before office furniture custom what problem? 1, the modern pursuit of office furniture is endless. Meet people's spiritual demand is inevitable. There is no art office furniture cannot represent the characteristics of the modern custom office furniture; 2, considering the custom in the process of manufacturing is a good way to solve the problem of office furniture transport and assembly; 3, although it is now an indispensable society, after all, not everyone is short of money, so the economic and practical office furniture need, of course, also need to consider the cost problem in the custom design; 4, this is an era of custom products. Custom office furniture designed for consumers. Of course, also need to customization according to consumer psychology and market demand. 5, design combined with enterprise culture: or most people, it doesn't matter, really not, this is the company's human, said the tension is also shaping enterprise energy civilization, is also the company said the characteristics of the subject. 6, personalized design said: the so-called personalized really means through the process of planning office furniture when the invention of civilization in the price, also can be called art. Is the planners need to company's enterprise civilization, abstraction of the product to the customer and CI counsel should have know response.
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