What need to prepare before office furniture customization?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-02
Custom office furniture is now a lot of companies will first consider the way of allocation of office furniture, daily life sometimes when the manufacturer when asked for the buyers to purchase requirements, random individual, will greatly extend to decorate time, affect the work progress, so this time we need to in front of the office furniture customization, do some necessary preparations. Franktechfurniture furniture company remind you that the following these you have to consider in advance, and make the decision. A custom, custom area general leather office couch is divided into whole house custom and single product customization, this in the early days of office furniture customization, you need to combine their own actual situation and needs to consider the best way of customization. This needs us to advance understanding of the features of the two methods of custom. 1, what are the characteristics of the whole house custom custom whole house, as the name implies, is to the whole office area as a custom object customization technique, it is a collection of home design and development, production installation services as one of the furniture such as custom solutions. General manufacturers products. A large desk, the boss chair, bookcase, supplies and other office leather office couch. This way, both to meet the diverse needs of users, at the same time also can very good reduce the cost of installation. But due to the need of accessories, such as hardware accessories varieties, during the installation process may be missing or lost. Choose the modern office furniture one-stop service, will avoid this problem. 2, the single product customization what are the characteristics of the product customization refers to the consumers will finished product furniture as a selection object, its variety, a wider range of choice, the user is hard to in a short period of time to complete all the designated office furniture products, also can produce a large amount of manual handling fee, the most serious is that it is difficult to guarantee the final style characteristic of harmony and integration. Second, get a room in advance structure parameters when doing office furniture customization, designers will know some parameters of building structure and users in the custom before these parameters, can effectively reduce the measured time. Easy to determine the optimal location and size of the placement office furniture, if you worry about is not accurate, the measured data of gauge can invite the designer, and communication office furniture style and style characteristics. In this way can help users in the selection of office furniture, make a reasonable budget, to avoid cause unnecessary spending at the time of purchase. Three, learn some office furniture plate again decided to custom office furniture service before, also need to and vendors to determine your customized materials, these materials generally have solid wood, solid wood particleboard, big core board, MDF, etc. When the choose and buy, it is better to ask vendor to provide an authoritative environmental inspection report, so as to ensure the security and environmental protection of the use of office furniture in line with the provisions of the state, and will not cause harm to human body. The above content is in custom household service preparation work should be done before. In addition to the purchase of preparatory work, also can understand a office furniture feng shui knowledge, understand the leather office couch style and placement, and wish you can order to the satisfaction of office furniture.
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