What is the real wood office coffee table

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-24
Have words called interlaced, such as the hills, as if just do purchasing, if not the leather office couch industry, or is the work done related industries, in fact, what is the real wood office table, there is a fuzzy concept. So, what is the real wood office coffee table? The following is about solid wood office make a brief introduction of tea table. 1, the main structure as solid wood office for log tea table, will cooperate with the choice of the class of the panel. But the table itself is the main structure for large logs, commonly by log processing and the tea table is what we call real wood tea table. As a solid wood tea table, which according to the log level to distinguish the market pricing of tea modern office table. Like mahogany, hua limu tea table, tea table and so on is different material made of log, market pricing is also far. Though, the classification of solid wood furniture is made of solid wood furniture, log but according to the percentage of using log, will be solid wood leather office couch is divided into pure real wood and two kinds of completely real wood. The tea table of completely real wood kind will distinguish, accordingly according to the process like the tea table of mortise and tenon joint structure are generally not low price. If material in advanced log, combining with mortise and tenon joint, is usually a more expensive one. 3, solid wood raw material what are the normal relist the court more common solid wood tea table of the raw materials are almost ju wood, teak, maple, oak, toon, elm, manchurian ash, pine and so on these. In these materials, ju wood, teak and toon in the most precious, and the red cedrela is now less and less, and the red cedrela is interesting is that as a tree, its shoots as people's specialties in the above table. 4, keep the wood grain for solid wood tea table, usually on the surface of still kept the original wood grain of real wood is given priority to. The tea table with in the office, is a grade a. Especially some large enterprises, especially like the tea modern office table of log wood grain. Solid wood office show class is a type of tea table, tea table but this tea table needs regular maintenance, to prevent the humidity and the temperature of tea table and the influence of changing the surface texture. But this is the common fault of the solid wood kind of leather office couch, actually is not a process or material because of the low.
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