What is office furniture custom materials, customize what are the advantages

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-11
For the benefits of custom office furniture is very much, we can customize the furniture that oneself like on its own terms, according to their own way to put, in the process of put, can improve our ability. So, are we customize, need what material? Compared to our direct purchase, it has those advantages? On the above issues, detailed answers for all of us. A custom, office furniture material 1. Solid wood particle BanShi wood particle board is also called particieboard, is a kind of material do the custom furniture commonly used, from the level of environmental protection, divided into two kinds of E0 and E1, E0 class than E1 formaldehyde content is slightly lower, most of the factories will choose real wood particleboard, slightly lower cost, high grain of plate flatness. 2. Solid wood laminated solid wood composite board is made up of three layer or multilayer veneer or sheet of wood glue stick hot pressing. Splint is generally divided into 3 mm, 5 mm plate, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm plate and 18 mile board of six kinds of specifications. Environmental protection level E0 and E1 is the most commonly used material is currently making furniture. The characteristics of variant, the intensity is big. 3. Big core board can do furniture and wooden door and door cover, central heating, curtain box of window, etc. , the waterproof performance is better than that of particleboard and MDF. When choosing to look at its internal wood, shoulds not be too fragile, gap between wood joinery board at around 3 mm is advisable. Big core board according to the thickness is divided into 3, 5, 9 li board, everyone can be selected according to withstand the pressure and intensity, the thicker the price is higher. 2, 1 office leather office couch customization advantages and custom office furniture color, materials, accessories, etc. , according to our willingness to customize, can give a person the sense with the eye, so that the whole office environment will be more beautiful. 2 work, custom furniture generally have special personnel on-site measurement work space, standard unit furniture can be adjusted according to company work space, can make full use of space, still can reasonable use to each space, will not result in a waste of space, in addition also looks very nice. 3 work, custom furniture can according to work, work habits, group feature of unit furniture structure, functional distribution adjustment planning, can very good play to work of functional leather office couch, display company civilization together, also can give a person the sense with home. About & other; Office furniture custom materials throughout and advantages &; Just to be here to introduce, hope to everyone at the time of custom leather office couch, to polish his eyes, hope this article can bring you help.
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