What is a good thing on my desk

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-05
At present, the basic all have their own desk, but what is a good thing on my desk, but became a difficult problem, you want to know franktechfurniture will tell you what thing is good for your own. A, jade cabbage dish with & other; Goods & throughout; Harmonics, wear jade cabbage, bonanza, hall decoration jade cabbage, in luxurious air. Cabbage, meaning & other; The goods & throughout; , have riches, wealth, the wealth to the meaning, the second implication, from the color of Chinese cabbage and appearance, moral innocence. Second, deer, spittor, horses and monkeys many animals contain the meaning of fortune, such as deer, with & other; Paul & throughout; Harmonics; Spittor, big mouth to eat, belly round can store money jin silks; Horse and monkeys are tie-in, also take its harmonics & other; Immediately sealing hou & throughout; , especially for want of advancement on their desks. Three, the mythical wild animal, the mythical wild animal is the most powerful god beast, fortune effect can be to ward off bad luck, like gold and silver, has a mouth but no anal, said money, never out, is suitable for the safe, money box or on the desk. Four, horse horse is performance of force and beauty, has a strong and luck. Ma Yousheng flourishing, the horse furnishing articles placed in a flourishing, the significance of worm, horse to work into effect. Five, the cornucopia cornucopia is traditional feng shui plutus furnishing articles. Cornucopia, just as its name implies its shape is concave, such as bowl such as pocket, lucky to get together gas and grow the feng shui. Can put inside the cornucopia COINS, copper, silver piece, amulets and other auspicious items.
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