What factors will affect the service life of the office furniture?

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-02
Although now the craft production of office furniture is more and more fine, also be more durable, but due to the use of office furniture in some adverse factors will directly affect the service life of office furniture, so in use process need us to avoid these adverse factors, factors which would influence the service life of the office furniture? Then follow us to look at together. : 1, humid environment relative to the environment is too dry, too wet environment will be more easy to cause serious impact to office furniture, wooden office furniture, in particular, the panel will appear the phenomenon such as cracking and mildew rot, therefore in the humid environment, office furniture series of damage occurs, then the nature of office furniture will greatly reduce the service life and so office furniture in use process must avoid in damp environment. 2, sunlight: no matter what material of office furniture, in use process is must avoid sun exposure, this also is in maintenance of office furniture is important, because the sun is also leads to plank crack deformation and faded, so for a long time, will not only affect the appearance of the office furniture, also affect the normal use of office furniture, office furniture in use process must therefore to prevent sun direct illuminate. 3, on the: are configuration of air conditioning in the office, the office furniture if under air conditioning tuyere, it is easy to damage is caused to office furniture, office furniture because general surface is coated with paint, and paint on the temperature and humidity change the larger environment, will accelerate the aging of office furniture, prone to fade and weather-shack phenomenon, so the office furniture in use process not to place it in the convection of air conditioning tuyere. Above is our share of the factors influencing the service life of some office furniture, so in order to ensure that the service life of the office furniture is not affected, so when using office furniture must pay attention to avoid these adverse factors. If you have any question, welcome to consult our, answers one by one for you.
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