What are the woodiness material production and processing of solid wood desk?

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-22
The existing real wood desk actually can still have a lot of different classification, what all don't know what real wood desk material. Below small make up take you know together: a black mahogany, this type of solid wood desk basically has become the most brand, will be applied to a product, such a material can create different item, like ark of desk or table and chairs, rarely see black peach wooden closets and cupboards, because this kind of lumber itself is more expensive, unless in spades in itself of no with unstoppable obsession and who is not bad money, for ordinary people, even if choose real wood desk custom, they will not choose this kind of material, timber market every day price fluctuations, black mahogany prices have been higher. 2, white oak, in the process of solid wood desk custom white oak price relative to the red oak may be a few taller, use fixed number of year is relatively long, compared and red oak and white oak, white oak, dry time or the volume shrinkage rate is relatively high, performance is particularly easy to change, sometimes such a product basically also favored by more and more people, because Japanese furniture basically used to white oak, wooden color is more pure and fresh, didn't seem to be our imagination of so thick, are generally use wood oil for surface treatment.
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