What are the stainless steel file cabinet advantage

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-25
Filing cabinet is used to store the file cabinet, all the cabinets have this common action. But different filing cabinets have their unique role, so different filing cabinet has different price. Below to introduce what is stainless steel file cabinet advantage, specific as follows. One, the advantage of stainless steel file cabinet 1, the first advantage of durable stainless steel filing cabinets for a long time is long and durable, and solid wood cabinets, panel cabinets, glass cabinets, etc, its service life is longer. Because of its corrosion resistance performance is good, so more durable than ordinary steel filing cabinets for a long time. In addition to this, it also moistureproof, fire prevention, put wet. 2, high temperature resistant not all filing cabinets are high temperature resistant, most of the filing cabinets need to cover the sun, at the same time to avoid direct sunlight. Stainless steel and high temperature resistance, stainless steel file cabinet can be put, can put in any corner office. 3, simple maintenance, stainless steel the material surface is smooth, clean, and do not rust, so don't need special surface treatment, at ordinary times is very convenient to maintenance. Solid wood, the difficulty of filing cabinets to maintain clear glass than stainless steel, trouble. 4, strong, strong tolerance is stainless steel and solid wood cabinets so the solid filing cabinet, filing cabinet and their resilience. This feature allows them to store more files, and will not easily fall. In both, the strength of the stainless steel file cabinet stronger, more solid. Second, the characteristics of the stainless steel file cabinet 1, environmental non-toxic, no smell, no smell of paint, buy back can use in the office. 2, to open the door, move the door Settings to make people more convenient when take take files. 3, good welding process, good technology, surface level off is smooth. 4, the stainless steel material is not like the glass is fragile, do not take light put it doesn't matter. And, it is not like solid wood cabinets, easy to decay. Have so many advantages and characteristics of the stainless steel file cabinet so price is a bit expensive. Compared with ordinary cabinets, its price a little. But, do not affect you to like it. There are still a lot of companies to buy it, because it is practical, long service life. I don't know, what is your company purchase the file cabinet? If have friends who are looking for filing cabinets, you can consider this stainless steel!
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