What are the requirements for office furniture customization, detailed office furniture order process

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-10
If we start a company, you need to purchase furniture, so, what is a good or custom to buy brand good? Purchased brand is different, the two is to buy the rest assured that the brand of the material is environmental protection, in the office, will not cause a harm to human body. If say we want to choose custom, can according to the office environment, custom furniture out of accord with the characteristics of the whole office environment. So, what are the requirements for our custom office furniture? What is the office leather office couch order process? The following will give readers a detailed answer. A 1, graphic design, office furniture customization demands should be coordinated with customer's building structure, and the organic combination. Reasonable use a space effectively, make the effectiveness of office space, adjust measures to local conditions, customized, all vertical plane layout of feeling is very strong. 2, office furniture at the time of customization, plane design should fully consider the customer departmentalization and the number of organizational structure, functions, to meet the particularity of various departments work and claim to the desktop space. 3, plane design should meet the needs of customer management culture, to choose between openness and privacy. Had better choose what kind of partition type furniture, such office of privacy is protected from person to person. 4, plane design create cultural value, namely: character, beautiful and artistic value. At the time of custom, choose beautiful beautiful material, give a person the sense with feast for the eyes. 2, office furniture customization of four processes 1, furniture modelling choose a conform to the pattern of office furniture, office we need to do is to design a good shape, and then you can take the next step, select the appropriate sheet. 2, most of plank furniture modern office furniture is given priority to with plate, when selecting a material, it is best to choose what kind of environmental protection and powerful plank, it also facilitate we late for maintenance and cleaning. Article 3, vice materials include furniture edge banding, hinge, steel, etc. , all want to choose a better, and also is environmental protection, materials in line with national testing standards. 4 installed, furniture installation, usually by professional personnel to install, office furniture in transit, we are best for people to follow, avoid stuttering, installation, be careful, to prevent scratches. Above all, about & other; Office furniture customization requirements and process & throughout; To introduce to here, hope to bring help to the readers. Plate class class of office furniture is the commonly used facilities such as office and home, have very big development space in the market, a lot of office building at the time of buying furniture, can choose this kind of style.
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