What are the production of solid wood office furniture plate, how to maintain?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-19
Along with the development of the industry, everyone in the office furniture of choose and buy, has high selectivity, including solid wood furniture has been favored by people. This kind of furniture is made of pure natural wood, basically have high environmental coefficient, functionally powerful advantages. Today we'll learn about the production of solid wood office furniture plate, as well as the subsequent maintenance problems in the process of use. A, several kinds of solid wood office furniture plate 1, annatto furniture of this kind of furniture is the most common solid wood furniture, it has great market coverage, environmental factor and dual advantages of higher cost performance in pure wooden material price is relatively cheap kind of plate. But this kind of office furniture is flawed in terms of quality of a material. Made of office furniture, it can't bear heavy objects, for a long time, the pressure of surface crack can occur easily, even can produce deformation. 2, ju wood office furniture this plate has a tonal quietly elegant, beautiful natural texture clear etc. Wood density is higher than other plate, makes it relatively hard texture, do not have to worry about deformation and cracking phenomenon during use. But this kind of wood color and density, can produce differences, along with the increase of tree age and using it as raw material production of office furniture, appearance is very difficult to reach those who unite is tonal, to a certain extent affect the overall harmony of colors. 3 cherry wood, cherry wood office furniture material cost is higher, is a kind of advanced wood, often used to make high-grade solid wood office furniture. This material has a texture clear, uniform color, fine texture, etc, after polishing, the cherry wood, can have higher ornamental. But this kind of material for the production of small furniture, large size of solid wood office leather office couch is easy to become warped on the corners and crack, can affect the furniture is beautiful. 4, northeast China ash office furniture for office furniture is different from other material like this is the most significant characteristics, its corrosion resistance and moisture resistance is very high. In addition because it has high ornamental and decorative, are often used to all kinds of carve patterns or designs on woodwork process. But this kind of office furniture is not suitable for relatively dry climate, because dry environment is easy to make this kind of office furniture surface crack and deformation phenomenon. 5, rubber wood office furniture office furniture of this kind of material has the very high cost performance, the reason was that the wood growth cycle is short, yield is higher, so the cost is relatively low. The disadvantage is that the density is too low, making the soft, the production of office furniture is easy to deformation, not suitable for use for a long time. Second, the maintenance methods generally what most of the solid wood desk or furniture on the market, the basic has been treated with wax, except this method can increase the gloss of the furniture, also can make it to avoid being dust adhesion, etc. Used in daily life, we should try to avoid the furniture surface is washed with water directly, should choose the quality of a material soft towel touchs water or apply cleaner to wipe, to make the final furniture has a longer service life.
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