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by:Frank Tech     2020-09-18
The development of the office environment is closely related to the development of office leather office couch. Office style changes will affect the design of office furniture, hotel, office, mobile office or creative office, puts forward new requirements on furniture design. Under the impact of these new trends, systematic, integrated and humanized design concept is increasingly applied to modern office furniture design, the following franktechfurniture leather office couch will introduce what are the office furniture style for you. One desk, integrated type and integration of desk bookcase, desk, contracted and contemporary aluminum alloy technology feels dye-in-the-wood, delicate and flexible, intelligent mute cupboard door, opening and closing balance tweaks, free combination, because of its unique design and delicate design, concise office space has more functions and open, suspension, thoughtful experience, you can link design, start from the details, even if many people office also appears neat and clean. Second, many people screen screen type, half partition tables and European simple desk desk, aluminum alloy function storage file, suitable for home office. The details of the product can be said to be in place. Aluminum alloy function carrier and desktop boxes can receive, shade, hidden wiring holes of various electric box is convenient to receive, hide all kinds of electric box, modern fashion, screen desktop is equipped with a striking a semilattice modern office table boxes. This design brings infinite creativity to your work, add dignity for your office environment, to achieve self-improvement, comfortable and beautiful. Three, block type employee table partition, office partition appearance is concise, these six deep temperament and noble harmony, highlight fashion design trends, fashion and practical combination of screen partition design, environmental protection, high-quality technology development, enjoy personal freedom, personal space, free combination, office environment flexible layout, mesa abrasion resistance, waterproof, scratch, long service life. Package edge polishing table, fashionable and beautiful, to prevent the knock against. Four class, office desktop white office desk, fashion technology office management modern office table, aluminum alloy exquisite workmanship, contracted and not easy, the large capacity storage edge ark, mute door opening and closing, balance the foot fine-tuning, suitable for families, large capacity tank modern office table, three small horizontal tank on the left, on the right side of the ark of a large vertical, very pleased to receive a machine, convenient adjustment, PVC rotating feet legs clockwise to lift, if you will arm weighs heavily on the side, also can reduce the influence of uneven force, and enjoy the balance of working conditions. Five, the boss do simple formula for the boss's office platform design, full of emotion, peace is full of endless tension, awe-inspiring appearance has the incomparable function. Real beauty comes from the details of the perseverance and the pursuit of the ordinary extraordinary, we can not consider to present what kind of design cases, intuitively felt them, the environmental health of the compact panel composed of high-quality sealant was polished. E1 formaldehyde emissions to countries. This is the environment standards. Thickness of 2. 5 cm, non-toxic, tasteless, safe. Six, office type board table, desk USES solid solid steel frame, the mesa fireproof board USES the fouling resistance, strong, mesa is beautiful atmosphere wooden hand grenades, enable employees to this table, the design feels dye-in-the-wood, details is more meticulous, is a kind of charm to every detail and caress, desktop adopting the combination of three kinds of hidden aluminium alloy is very interesting. Black is one of the two kinds of color adaptation and two kinds of feeling. From a distance is beautiful scenery, the jagged edges and desktop painting process is soft and not dazzling, beautiful and delicate, and is equipped with stainless steel coating weight from foot to foot, firmly support the working face, work makes you feel very comfortable. Seven, file cabinet combination filing cabinets, creative fashion office filing cabinet, convenient store, adjustable foot mesa and chest, free combination, make full use of space, suitable for home and office use, one of the main characteristics of this filing cabinet is very convenient, no combination lock or conventional closed way; Place the data when is particularly suited to go out in the public space, especially in the workplace on the issue of new resource sharing demand, high and low combination filing cabinet height is seven hundred and fifty mm, is just an ordinary employees post height. The filing cabinet and the division of staff position has created a powerful memory function extension of office space. This article & other; What are the office leather office couch style & throughout; Article to talk about this, if you want to know information about the solid wood furniture can focus on foshan franktechfurniture furniture's official website.
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