What are the office furniture plate, how to identify?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-19
People prefer to choose when purchasing office furniture plate of economic and practical, now on the market according to different raw materials and processing technology of classification, generates a lot of furniture hard to avoid lets a person dazzling. So how do you choose in the myriad species need most? This needs everyone before purchasing, to understand some of the ways to distinguish leather office couch material. Several common office furniture plate a, joinery board, joinery board is one of the most commonly used material in furniture decoration, in the middle is composed of a few natural batten agglutinate, both sides to cover a more complete and smooth thin veneer, this structure makes it has the good moistureproof effect. Not beautiful but as a result of wood surface texture, usually put a layer of facing three-ply board in the surface again. Choosing office furniture of this kind of material, to observe its internal material, generally in a more complete wood, and adhesive crevice is not more than 3 mm joinery board quality is better. Its advantage is not easy to deformation, has good ability to set screw, but the average price is a bit expensive. Second, the integrated plate which is a kind of new solid wood materials, the high quality of large diameter logs produced by deep processing of plate. From the transverse section of the product is not difficult to see that it is made up of a number of block size and so on a plank crisscross joining together. Than joinery board smooth surface, and its performance is superior to the environmental protection, is 1/8 of the joinery board allows the formaldehyde content, and use it to make furniture can be directly coloring, finished product is very durable and not easy to deformation. Three, medium thick plate and shavings plate is made of natural wood machine processed into powder sawdust, then suppress stereotypes of plank, have good flatness and smoothness, but the wave resistance is poor, as the density of the wood itself is not high, basic rarely used in such as filing cabinets need to be fixed furniture production. Crushed into the particle board, is made of natural wood grain again pressed into boards, it is now the main production office leather office couch material. Compared with the former, it has better nail holding power, after the bolt tightening is not easy to loose, strength is higher than the density board. When the choose and buy, we can according to the density of the cross section to identify the material of office furniture. Now all levels of office furniture brand on the market emerge in endlessly, some undesirable businessman, put plank exposed parts of wood of neat and smooth, but add time of material in the middle, so suggest you choose when purchasing office furniture quality manufacturers have safeguard relatively. Foshan franktechfurniture furniture is a good choice, its strict control the quality of the raw materials, not allow defective products export, and the custom of modern office furniture advantage with many years practical experience, believe franktechfurniture dragon type and strong after-sales service ability, can let your furniture purchase trip no trouble back at home.
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