What are the kinds of office furniture, including what features

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-07
Foshan most enterprise demand for office furniture is a lot, but when choosing office furniture products, tend to pick the dazzling in the multifarious furniture style, it is difficult to choose the suitable for enterprise products. Franktechfurniture furniture suggest you below, in order to saves the time of purchase of office furniture, can according to the existing office whole decorate a style, to choose the color, specifications, etc. , office furniture at the same time I know foshan office furniture kind what, what are the features, to choose better quality office furniture also is very be necessary. Divide the office home there are many kinds of way, now we according to the difference of the office furniture materials division, including pure real wood or imitation wood office furniture, office furniture plate software office furniture, office furniture, office furniture, bamboo weaving metal office furniture, office furniture, aluminum glass marble ceramic with base material such as office furniture. Below we together to understand the functions and features of these office furniture. The features and characteristics, solid wood office furniture, USES the pure natural wood as raw materials, production process has painted and cleaned. are natural texture, surface and wood scent, natural and simple style, mostly belongs to high-grade products, the price is more expensive, for pursuing the taste and humanistic feelings to order. Plank nature is stable, and its hard wooden structure, make furniture has good durability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. , in about 15 to life Between 25 years. The characteristics and function of office furniture, plastics, plastic furniture using artificial plank, its material production cycle is short, a wide range of sources, make it has the characteristics of economical and practical price is low; At the same time, combining with other material is relatively hard material play a role of the plastic beautiful sex already, also make the office furniture has good bearing quality and durability. But plastic office furniture easily react with oxygen in the air, at the same time, when in contact with pungent liquid prone to corrosion phenomenon, use fixed number of year is shorter, generally within five years. Three features and functions, metal office furniture, this kind of material color is rich, the material itself has strong plasticity, the furniture products highly individual character style. At the same time in terms of function, compared to other office furniture products, made a lot of breakthroughs, such as most of the metal office furniture products on the market, has the function of folding, lift, etc. , at the same time, most of the product price is more populist, wide material source, suitable for mass customization and production. Four, board type furniture plate office furniture use the artificial plank with better performance, just now, which also has good plasticity and stable properties, good durability. Board type furniture on the market, variety, style is complete, norms diversity, consumers in demand has a variety of choices. The combination splicing ways at the same time, also greatly facilitate the removal of the product and shipping. Five marble, marble office leather office couch office furniture is the biggest characteristic appearance fine jade, texture soft, carving delicate, smooth, hard texture, make it has good heat-resistance and stain resistant, cleaning work is also very convenient. Above is franktechfurniture furniture summed up the characteristics of some varieties of office furniture, hope for your choose and buy quality, and the price is the right of office furniture products have certain reference value.
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