What are the characteristics of modern leisure office furniture?

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-23
Enterprise office area can be said to be the employee stay in the second place, and the employee as the primary asset of the company, the boss put office furniture often from the employee's own needs, to create a leisure casual office environment. The modern office furniture styles, how should we choose and put its reasonable planning? Franktechfurniture furniture tell you follow the principle of practical, economic and environmental protection to select office furniture for it. A, and the choice of green health before buying office furniture, office furniture to know more about the style of office furniture and the characteristics of various materials, as long as to avoid to buy inferior products. So when deciding to start, must ask about use of the raw materials of office furniture is what, in addition to solid wood furniture, the other is basically on the surface of a material, there is another kind of material, such as office furniture, furniture hardness is not so hard, gross area of the upper part of the first half and man-made plank, such as multi-purpose particieboard, plasticity is very strong, but poor bearing capacity; The lower part of the hard miscellaneous wood, more strong greatly improve the bearing quality of furniture. Second, check the details of the office furniture details about office furniture processing quality judgment method, in the file cabinet, we can pull open cupboard door or drawer to see the inside of the material, to see if there has been evidence after the insect bite. Also consider the inside of the device with your hand lightly in the board, if it is easy to sink in, that means the furniture already rotten. Questions about products of environmental protection, we can be in contact with wirecutter office chair, with nose smell the drawer carefully, if there is a strong irritating smell, that is the combination of cabinet put oneself in another's position with sizy or formaldehyde chroma of the material itself. This product is certainly will affect the office staff physical well-being, should avoid this kind of inferior office wirecutter office chair of choose and buy. Third, check to see if the furniture material wet when wooden office furniture of choose and buy, need to carefully check the furniture no bare parts whether there is a slightly damp phenomenon. Usually wet plate, such as wood furniture, later use is easy to deformation, also will become warped up the corners, local and larger crack, the serious influence is beautiful. There are clear rules for the moisture content of office furniture, is generally not more than 10%. If the situation is not convenient to measure, can touch, if you feel wet don't this kind of office furniture of choose and buy, can also sprinkle a little stain where there is no painting, if dry slowly or don't do it for a long time, then the moisture content is too high, is not suitable for long time use. Finally franktechfurniture furniture will tell you a few action whether furniture structure solid method, when the choose and buy the drawer file cabinet separable, or wooden chair gently fall to the ground, and then listen to the voice is clear, is the quality excellent furniture; Moving furniture with the hand, not too much and soon stopped after, solid structure, worthy of choice.
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