What are the characteristics of board type furniture custom materials

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-24
Board type wirecutter office chair is more popular in modern furniture market of office furniture products, its rich variety, different shapes, styles, and the design is simple, functional diversity, popular with most of the younger generation entrepreneurs. Material used to make plate office furniture in the furniture market, has the high density fiberboard, particleboard, melamine plate, ash wood, etc. , these are man-made plank, a complete set of board type furniture is made from a mix of all kinds of material, so for these materials have a preliminary understanding of, for suitable office furniture of choose and buy products to provide the certain reference value. Below franktechfurniture furniture and talk together what are the characteristics of the board office furniture custom material. A, the characteristics of density fiberboard density fiberboard is divided into medium density fiberboard (MDF) and high density fiberboard, both plate has good physical properties, uniform plate structure and durable at the same time. The other two due to the difference of density, its material close degree is different, but all performance. Often cover the surface of furniture, is a kind of suitable decoration panel painted. But the drawback is moistureproof performance is poorer, placed in damp environment easy to encounter water expansion and deformation, and the power that grasp a hammer is poorer, larger impact likely to occur under the action of deformation. Second, the characteristics of a multilayer laminated structure stability, relative to the density fiberboard, has good bearing quality and stiffness; The quality of the plate is lighter, but the intensity is high, make it has good flexibility and toughness, and has good resistance to impact and vibration. Sandwich plate is made by remaining the leftover material of lumber, to a certain extent, improve the utilization of resources. But use a lot of adhesive in the production process, some bad harmful material manufacturers choose more cement, increased the office of pollution sources, adverse to the health of employees. Three, the characteristics of particle board relative to the above two kinds of plank, particieboard is the most significant advantage has a good sound insulation performance, at the same time, its surface smooth level off, can be used for various cover production, processing is convenient, the other particle board by the special machine for the wood particles suppression and become, use glue quantity is relatively small, it has high coefficient of environmental protection. But as a result of particle board inside of wood particles, not suitable for polishing processing, is easy to appear when cutting burr or a transverse uneven phenomenon, higher requirements for plate making equipment. The characteristic of the four, three amine three board used in the face, of man-made board and solid wood board has good color, at the same time has good plasticity, can copy all kinds of exquisite patterns. Because of its hard, make its function has abrasion resistance, heat resistance; Plate is very stable, but also has good resistance to acid and alkali performance. Because this kind of plate edge is rough, don't fit for detailed edge banding technique, can only be used for the straight edge processing. Five, the characteristics of the ash nanmu, trimming smooth paint sex good, not easy ageing, wide practicability etc. , at the same time has good grip nails, as well as through simple dyeing and polishing processing, make the surface has good beautiful sex. Function but also has good shock resistance and heat resistance, is an ideal material for office furniture. But this kind of material lack of domestic sources, so the price is generally on the high side, is very strict and dry ash handling, otherwise there will be a cracking or deformation phenomenon. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of these board classes Taiwan office furniture commonly used material, can be targeted to choose suitable office wirecutter office chair products, I hope everyone can have a good trip to furniture order.
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