Understand real wood furniture purchase method

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-13

Solid wood office furniture to choose natural leather office couch, friendly environment, physical and mental health, environmental protection, green wood, used in modern office furniture, can reflect enterprise's most upscale atmosphere. Dealing with sales on the market so many log furniture, office furniture purchase method teaches you solid wood office furniture has? 

 A: to observe the wooden open cupboard door, observe the wooden cabinet dry manic whiteness, colour and lustre is close, careful, avoid have add plywood, density board and forming plate of raw materials, such as making furniture for many times, look at the real wood texture is same, smell is stimulating. 

 2: identify the raw material which are elements of a direct impact on the price and quality. General log furniture generally use beech, white oak, manchurian ash, elm, Chinese catalpa wood, rubber wood, oak. At the same time pay special attention to, now the price of lumber gradually rising, it is too cheap absolutely cheat. Three: to observe the details to pay special attention to the goods whether have collapsed, real solid board flip cupboard angular position usually choose mortise structure, such as false wooden planks are 'empty', man-made plank to hollow out certain alternated, and solid board create office furniture wood cabinet, drawer handles chooses hollowed out inside concave open style.                                

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