\'Top secret\' documents found in old filing cabinets in Canberra

by:Frank Tech     2019-10-12
The Prime Minister\'s Department has launched an urgent investigation into secret and highly sensitive cabinet documents that were found within two seconds
Handmade file cabinets purchased at an auction in Canberra.
Cabinet documents are usually published only after 20 years of production.
But ABC has found thousands of documents, some of which are classified \"top secret\" documents covering the governments of five countries.
A Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet spokesman said the secretary had launched an \"urgent\" investigation into the disposal of filing cabinets.
\"As this has already started, it is not appropriate to comment further at this time,\" the spokesman said . \".
A document noted that an audit showed that the Australian Federal Police had lost nearly 400 national security files in five years.
During the period from 2008 to 2013, documents lost through the Cabinet National Security Council were found in the audit of the Prime Minister and Cabinet department.
The documents also include a document that states the top 195Secret code words
When the Labor party lost in the 2013 election, protected and sensitive documents were left in the office of Penny Huang, the former Labor government minister.
Documents left in the office-
But not in the old filing cabinet.
Including the Middle East defense program, the national security briefing, the latest news of the war in Afghanistan, the intelligence of Australia\'s neighbors and the-
Acts of terrorism
In another paper, it was revealed that former Prime Minister Tony Abbott ignored legal advice when handing over cabinet documents to the insulation Royal Commission.
\"We think it would be very undesirable if the Commonwealth were to just produce the Cabinet (legal confusion )--
The advice of Tom Howe QC, chief counsel for Australian government lawyers, is: \"submit relevant documents to the Royal Commission on the basis of the alleged waiver of the public interest exemption . \".
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