Today share: booth desk material is introduced and the installation method

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-11

Each company has its own culture, can be seen from its adornment and environmental layout general culture  leather office couch, if you're looking for a quick overview should be announced from card holders began to install the desktop, you can see the installation of deck desk, color and location, you can see some details of communication, it is easy to ignore the problem, people don't know the details of the furniture for you to share today: in the corner of the booth material introduction and installation method: one, the booth reception installation method 

  1. Install - card To prepare ( 1) Received a card table packaging, check the card's type and style is correct, check whether there is surface damage or other problems, check the part number, and collect. ( 2) Ready to install package, to investigate the actual installation site, planning the installation position, discuss the reasonable method, read the installation instructions, and avoid the internal faults.

  2. 2. Card installed - table Support connection wirecutter office chair ( 1) To perform this operation, please mark the position of the need to install, and consider the integrity of the utility function, after installation, it will not affect the use of some of the office area, it is need to consider the factors in the plan. ( 2) First place T or cross-shaped connection column, pay attention to the stability of the connection, and then on the booth, booth of the upper connector, fasten the screen, and then cover booth side cover, then put the card table edge into it. ( 3) Will two screens on another connection to the plum blossom in the column, column at the top of the cover of plum, and pay attention to the connection screw, it can be repaired, if no problem, after checking can be fixed and fixed.

  3. 3. Booth installation - desktop Fixed ( 1) Place the top card holder, make its alignment with the location of the card holder, with one hand holding it with one hand gently pat it, so that it can be fixed, both touch the edge, close the lid of the cover is located in the side. ( 2) Other booth of combination can be installed in the same way, support arm hanging in the middle of the card holder, the dimensions need to install and support, support won't be able to correct installation, table installation will also be affected. ( 3) If there is a steel leg, it can be used to support the desktop, look at the other side of the desktop ahead of time, usually, the reserved mounting bracket will have a hole, oneself on the keyboard stand and hole position, then use a screw, after fixation after the installation is complete, the workbench panel on the support arm booth, then tighten the screws should be fixed, and then promote activities ark and main frame to complete the whole process. Second, introduce 1 card chairborne materials. Man-made board ( 1) Desktop material material is larger, from the point of view of material properties, there are usually based on density board of man-made board, and the surface of the front and back pressure on natural veneer, usually for 20 - 60 mm thickness, the thickness is the bearing capacity is good. ( 2) Then evenly multilayer coatings on the surface, can not only beautify the deck desktop desktop, can also to add protective layer, make its have certain ability of self maintenance. 2. Real wood, 1) If the boss pay more attention to quality, the use of solid wood, general nature and imagination as higher price, main is to use particle board as base material, surface before and after the pressure on a layer of melamine paper. ( 2) Melamine board surface is a layer of paper, can be designed into numerous colors and forms printing, in order to increase the office decoration of the new element.                                

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