Today's share in company conference room computer chair office chair how to choose and install

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-12
Now most people don't go to buy furniture city computer chair, leather office chair, but choose online, but online shopping will lead to no specific installation personnel on-site installation, then you need someone to its installation, the following article will come easy for everybody to introduce the selection of leather office chair, computer chair installation method company conference room computer chair chair choice: 1, look at the neck collar: for users need often back to relax the head and neck, neck collar height and Angle of decision you cervical fatigue, reasonable neck collar height neck collar should be adjustable in the third section to section 7 of the cervical spine so that the cervical vertebra have the necessary support, effectively relieve the tiredness of the cervical spine. Because each size is differ, but many stationary neck collar, often is not in the position of the user needs, it is counterproductive for comfort, therefore, if the seat with a neck collar, its height, depth and pitch Angle must be adjustable. It is worth noting: relative to the rest of the work chair, neck collar is more susceptible to human sweat hair oil. So, good product will use a removable replacement cleaning neck collar design, more human and approachable. 2, 看座 cushion due to the high cost of cushion, so many businessmen will present on mat: general computer chair is using sponge cushion, good cushion will be thick, and with the concave curve to the hip curve, can play a good support and protection to the body, sit feeling more comfortable also, also is helpful for heat dissipation. 3, check the back of a chair back pay attention to the computer chair is comfortable sense of trust and security, its design must conform to the human body function, and the curve of the human spine nicely as closely as possible: some unqualified computer chair backrest part is loose, the slight shaking can produce noise, not only easy to damage, there is also a safe hidden trouble. 4, observation elevator steering rod if buy, is revolving chair, must be in stores for the swivel chair lift movement test, check whether the process is fluent and smooth, with or without loosening and slippery silk. If you lift is blocked, then carefully choose the computer chair. Conference room computer chair chair installation method: 1, first open the cardboard boxes, will be a little after finishing the contents inside, to insert the wheel vertical five-star feet within the pore, slightly with a XiaJin. All five are installed, and then turn it over. 2, and then insert the lifting rod directly the five-star feet in the middle of the pore. 3, then all five cushion at the bottom of the screw, install the tray in. 4, the screw will be back in the same way also want to unload, and then install the back rest. 5, and then insert the five-star foot tray hole, adjust good high ice screw down the screws. 6, armrest screw will unload. Then install the two sides of the armrest, completes the computer chair is installed. 7, put cushion on the back of a chair, pay attention to the direction, aim the hole of back of a chair and armrest, first will be installed on both sides of the back of a chair at the bottom of the screw again also do not tighten, installed at the bottom of the screw after install the back of a chair lift the back of a chair at the top of the screw installed all the screw. After 8, tighten all the screws will handrail decorative buckle installed, so that a complete chair is installed.
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