To tell you how to match the desk of color and design style

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-15
Tell you how to match the desk of the color and design style, mainly based on three aspects to choose the color of the employee's desk: the daylighting of the nature of work, space area, and offices. , science and technology research and development institutions or enterprises and institutions, the pursuit of design style tend to be simple, so pure and simple colors relatively appropriate, such as white and light blue; Internet company such rich in originality innovation, you can use some bright color, bright, jumping desk as an ornament, can stimulate the staff's innovation consciousness; The area is not large, but the height is very high office, prone to empty, empty feeling, in order to adjust the uncomfortable feeling of architecture itself, can choose a few darker. Light office can let a space look at fully relaxed, so the original wood color and gray matching, business will enhance space sense and style; If light lacking independent office, unfavorable choose color dark office furniture, warm brick red and ginger can foil a warm space attributes. Due to the seat at the moment we use are all adjustable height, so for the height of the height of the desk is not particularly clear standards. According to social investigation, and user reactions and the actual test data show that most of the desk desktop height on the basis of 72 to 76 cm. So the most appropriate and most of the leather office chair collocation, employees will not because of long-term bend over or craning its neck to cause bodily injury. Have now employees is generally accepted that according to the survey of comfortable and healthy position is, people sitting in a chair, the back straight, arms natural prolapse, both hands placed on the desktop, the big arm and forearm Angle should be near 90 degrees, if the table is too high, arms on the table will put pressure on shoulder, too short will affect the operation flexibility.
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