To learn that a few, no longer afraid of headache for buy inferior office chair

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-15
computer chair a dime a dozen on the market, the price is uneven, there is no minimum only more low. For us there is demand, the pursuit of low prices, but also be alert to avoid into the pit, office chair accessories are plain code marks a price, a penny a points price, low price means quality to a certain extent, reduce material. For quality, however, people who do not know is not easy to see that the most is to look at the pictures and beautiful, tall or sales of large and choice. Now is already supply leather office chair, manufacturer - 70% 80% concentrated in huzhou, zhejiang and guangdong. So dry, you just do some testing of the quality of basic office chairs can know: 1. Exterior security: conditional can wear white gloves can be reached to the whole seat parts for touch, see if there is a hook silk on the gloves, pollution; The nail gun, sewing parts should pay attention to whether there is a nail, the phenomenon of off-line; Some moving parts can use similar fingers thick pens in gaps of its activities to test, to see if there will be the potential risk of clamp hand. 2. Sit: office chair is usually based on the principle of ergonomics design for design and manufacture. Sit feeling is different from person to person, height or size of the seat comfort experience is completely different. This needs to seat when buy sit feeling experience only comparison is in order. 3. Stability: stability test is a office chair after lunges at work on such activities as lateral whether tilting dangerous important data. Consumers can use simple test method, seat adjustment to the most likely to turn to the status of the 4, strength: the strength of the chair seat is the assurance of its use function and service life of protection.
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