Three teach you procurement office screen partition wall considerations, must remember don't careless!

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-12
Procurement office screen partition wall considerations, must remember don't careless! 1 want to free space, space, freedom is very important, it is also a new partition is the advantage of the traditional partition. We are to enjoy life, enjoy the pleasure of work, rather than build a siege the circle itself. 2, the choice of materials, office partition screen is a kind of functional components, so the material of adornment effect can be in the first place. When doing office partition, office partition according to the industry positioning of the company to design, then the integral style of the office can easily be identified and reflect, so the processing materials need to be carefully chosen. 3, image color should be shaped and the basis of local coordinated office, office partition screen color collocation is a part of the whole office environment, should be carefully selected materials and processing. Office partition not bearing, the design should pay attention to the length, height and the actual situation such as the change of unity. Above is the small make up to you to sort out the procurement office screen partition wall notice, want to decorate the office can help you!
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