The way to office furniture manufacturer of choose and buy office desk? 【 】

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-15
The way to office furniture manufacturer of choose and buy office desk? Below small make up you explain: 1, to see if the paint and paint on the paint with dust particles and bubbles, uneven? Feel fine and warm? A quality paint office desk, nature is more important, the paint craft need to pass a few process, produce class sets of high temperature resistance and to paint the wear-resisting degree is high. The high temperature of 100 degrees, friction test with a cloth won't appear the phenomenon such as lacquer paint. 2, while the material package office desk system generally adopts imported white wood package edge, rather than the synthetic material. Southern white wood is a kind of high hardness materials, materials with perfect white tree festival, easy coloring and keep the color wood. Whether the white wood package edge, observes around Taiwan classes or can tell. 3, whether the surface is flat inclined Angle light from office to stand the mirror-like effect smooth enough, a surface smooth enough assumes the wavy lines of class units cannot be called a good class. One of the reasons for some factory do not have good grinding equipment, therefore, cannot be board face burnish is flat and level. Secondly for the quality control is lax, workers consciousness does not reach the designated position. 4 sets of core material, material is environmental protection class usually use of fine board and particieboard two kinds of material. 5 stickers solid wood, solid wood leather or paster temps and process cost difference is huge, if true, shoddy, is typical of the fraud. Stickers process can be observed through classes Taiwan peripheral sealing side, namely sticker office desk side wood grain texture with mesa broken marks remain the same, no real wood sealing side, because the factory usually use paper folding edge sealing side directly.
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