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by:Frank Tech     2019-11-17
Twitter\'s office \"Twitter \"(
Post Twitter update)
When natural gas is detected, such as natural gas produced by human flatulence.
This is part of my commitment to accurately record and share my life.
For more in-depth theories, see the next step entitled \"theory.
Check out your labor results on Twitter.
According to my colleagues, Twitter should happen in the space between a Flickr post and a Facebook update, in the space where life actually happens.
In the space of time, when life really happens, life really happens.
Neither beautiful nor ugly.
This is life.
If Twitter should be a life document, then it should record life without any difference because it happened without interference.
If it can\'t do that, then life becomes a space between \"tweets (Twitter posts).
So, most importantly, being able to update Twitter with life events without actually interfering with the event itself.
From now on, the record of life needs to be automated.
That said, the first part of my decision that needs to be recorded in my life is my daily flatulence at work.
I won\'t lie. I\'m a liar.
Because my flatulence is part of life, it is fraudulent to record life without recording these events.
Consistent with the non-process
Interfering with daily activities, I created an office chair to detect and tweet my flatulence without bothering me to update it myself.
You need :-Office chair-
Squidbee TX/RX pair-
1/8 \"a piece of acrylic-50K trimpot-
Natural gas sensor
Solid cable-
Welding settings-Laser cutter (
Or saw drill)-Razor blade-
Nuts and Bolts (or screws)-Pliers-A staple gun-Python-
The Twitter account makes the sensor holder by downloading the included Corel file and laser cutting your 1/8 acrylic using your awesome Epilog Laser cutter.
Did I mention how great is the Epilog Laser cutter? Anyhow. . .
If you don\'t have a laser cutter, unlike us at Instructables, you can download the file and print it on paper.
Cut the circular profile from the paper and tape it onto the acrylic as a guide.
When necessary, drill holes on acrylic resin using an electric drill and cut the profile with a jigsaw puzzle (or similar).
Connect the sensor to the mounting bracket according to the wiring in the schematic diagram.
If you don\'t have a trimpot, you can insert a resistor value between 22k and 47k (
An adjustable recommendation).
When the components are inserted, weld them in place.
You may want to cut off any additional clues that might confuse you first.
Please see the data sheet here.
Open your Squidbee (
Suppose you don\'t make one yourself.
Remove all the useless sensors.
Plug in the natural gas detection sensor so that the power supply enters the power socket and the data cable enters pin 2 (as shown).
Now it\'s time to program your Squidbee with the code that reads the analog sensor.
First, unplug the Xbee shield from the Arduino (
The Squidbee part inserted by the sensor).
In addition, change the Power jumper from battery to USB power supply.
Next, plug the Arduino into the USB port.
Open Arduino programmer
Set the serial port (
Usually looks like/dev/tty. usbserial-A70048pF).
Write down the serial port address for future reference.
Download, open and click the \"play\" button to compile the code (download below).
Upload the code to Arduino.
Unplug the Arduino from the computer.
Switch the jumper back to battery power and turn Xbee shield back on.
When you are ready to start reading the sensor readings, plug the 9v battery into the Squidbee transmitter and connect the receiver to the computer.
By watching the serial monitor in the Arduino interface on your computer, you can see the incoming data stream.
You need Python before you go further.
If you are using the Mac of the latest version of OS X, you should already have Python.
Open the terminal, enter the command prompt \"python\" and click \"enter \".
\"This should open Python.
See the type of thing Python does it: print \"hello world \"(and hit Enter)
This will return \"Hello World\" in the prompt \".
Exit Python click control-D\".
If you don\'t have Python, you can download and install it as per the instructions listed above.
You have to skip many obstacles before you can run Python code next.
The first thing you need is the setuptools shell script.
Open the terminal and change the working directory to the directory where setuptools is located.
You can change the directory by typing \"cd name of directory\" and clicking \"enter.
You can view the directory of your current location by typing \"ls\" and clicking \"enter.
After entering the correct directory, install the shell script by typing chmod setuptools. egg (
Or what is the exact name of the file.
Do not rename files).
This may require an administrator password.
Do this when prompted and click enter.
You should now be able to use a simple install, which happens to be one of the greatest codes ever written.
After the installation is simple, you just need to type the command prompt \"easy_install\", then enter the name of the package you are trying to download, and then click \"enter \".
For example, \"easy_install greatcode \"(
Not a real example).
What you know next is that you have downloaded and installed the entire \"greatcode\" package for use in your own code.
Open the prompt, type each line below and click enter.
This will install simple Json, Twitter, Time, and advanced Math (numpy)packages.
Easy_install pyserialeasy_instally numpy easy_instally timeDownload and install Python Twitter according to the instructions on the page (
You can even try \"easy_install twitter \").
Mark the space between your bottom and the bottom of the hill on the seat of the chair.
This is the space you want to install the sensor.
Remove the seat from the chair assembly and undo the upholstery until you have access to the foam in the marking area.
The fabric on your chair may be supported by staple food.
Remove the staples from the back of the seat so you can pull up a little fabric.
Tear off the foam so there is a pocket to insert the sensor into the chair.
I found it a little easier to start drilling with a razor blade.
Insert the sensor into the hole you just made on the chair seat mat.
Tilt the sensor slightly to your rear if possible.
Put the chair back together.
This means re-installing it with a nail gun and re-fastening any nuts and bolts.
Somehow, fix the transmitter box at the bottom of the chair seat in a way that you can still open and close the box.
I chose to connect mine with hot glue.
You can also use things like nuts and bolts.
This may need to empty the box first.
Insert the battery into the transmitter connected to the chair and close the case.
Plug the receiver into the computer.
Run the code by opening the terminal, navigating to the directory where the file is located, and typing it in python twitterair.
PyIf you have not yet downloaded the python file from the \"code\" step, please download it from that step!
Tweet when you doodle
Let people know happily that you are participating in life.
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