The True Size of Africa and South America: What the World Really Looks Like

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-02
Mocato of the early cartographer\'s investigation case (see right)
Have to rely on mathematics and a little imagination to approximate the surface of the world.
At a time when European explorers began to discover and claim to have the entire continent, their efforts may have been sufficient for naval navigation, at which point the world is rapidly shrinking, but, in terms of the visual accuracy of the surface of the earth, they are often far from the Earth.
Unfortunately, we still keep maps that are useful but visually inaccurate for navigation today.
The natural assumption is that modern satellite imagery ultimately gives us a more accurate and faithful world conclusive image than ever before.
However, despite the implicit visual fidelity of satellite images, the vast majority of maps currently used to represent the surface of the Earth are severely distorted.
Mercator projection is designed by Gerard Mercator in 1569.
This is good.
Perfect for navigation but very uncomfortable
Due to the serious distortion of the North-South ratio, it is suitable for geographical use.
On Earth, the latitude line meets and disappears at the poles, but on this map, the latitude line opens to form a square, and as the land area increases, people are getting closer to the poles.
Although modern Mercato projection is fine-
Tuning with satellite images is more accurate than the original 1569, but still subject to the same distortion.
Here is an example of a modern Mercator projection map, the so-called cylindrical map projection: you should not be surprised if the map above looks very familiar.
It has long been a standard world map taught by schools and printed in Atlas.
In fact, I now have a map of Rand McNally that looks very much like this one and covers most of my desk.
It is also similar to the projection used by Google Maps.
This is where things get interesting.
As you can see, Greenland looks about the same size as Africa.
Wait, what are the seven continents?
They are North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica.
Why is Greenland not considered a continent when it is larger than most of the continents listed?
In fact, Greenland is 14 times smaller than Africa and 9 times smaller than South America.
It is about the same size as the African country Algeria in North Africa.
In mocato\'s forecast, Antarctica seems to dwarf the sum of America and Greenland, but in fact it is about the same size as Australia.
In Antarctica, you can see how distorted this projection is at the poles. The Gall-
Peters shows the gallbladder.
The Peters projection comes down to James Gall and Arnold Peters.
Than the Mercator projection above, Gall-
The Peters projection below provides an accurate visual representation of the relative size of the continent.
Gall first published the prediction in the Scottish Journal of Geography in 1855, which was ignored and soon became unknown.
More than a century later, in the 1967 S, Arno Peters developed the same map and used it as a pioneer of equality, as it gave the \"southern continent\" in a disadvantaged position proper
Although the author of this prediction is a source of great controversy, the current trend is to attribute it to Gall and Peters.
Here is an example of modern bravery.
Peters projection, it\'s a cylindrical equal-
Regional projection: as shown above, Africa is almost comparable in size to the entire Eurasian continent, and South America is not as small as North America, because mocato\'s prediction will convince you.
As we can see clearly in Antarctica, the shape of the poles is still distorted, but at least now it\'s roughly the size.
I suggest you scroll back and forth between these two projections to improve your understanding of how distorted the more common print Mercator projection is actually. The Gall-
Peters\'s projection may seem strange, but it is much more accurate in terms of land quality.
What could this mean in terms of civil rights? I would now like to take a moment to discuss in detail one of the issues I briefly mentioned above.
Arnold Peters pushes the cylinder equal.
Because he is concerned about the potential consequences of visual performance in South America and Africa, which makes these continents look much smaller than they actually are.
He believes that we will automatically link scale to importance and even privilege.
South America and Africa are home to the world\'s largest number of the poorest developing countries.
The infamous supporter of the blue eye brown eye experiment, Jane Elliott, appeared on Oprah\'s 1992 episode, insisting that the Mercato projection is just one of many aspects of promoting and continuing racism in the American education system, call the map \"plain lie \".
Conclusion although the more traditional Mercator projection is useful as a navigation tool, it is very misleading as a representative of the world of geography.
A certain degree of distortion occurs when a globe is placed into a square map, but according to Gall-
Peters projection, it is not appropriate to continue to support severely distorted Mercator projection as a geographic standard.
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