The service life of the steel file cabinets and what factors have a relationship?

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-14
Recently a lot of people have been wondering a problem, that is the service life of the steel filing cabinets and what factors have a relationship? Because they just after the purchase of a batch of this type of file cabinets, thought that can be used more than five years, the results of using more than 1 year, filing cabinets appear rusty phenomenon. Actually this happens for many reasons, good gossip is not much said, here is to solve this problem. 1 used raw material quality of steel filing cabinets, filing cabinets used to produce raw materials for the metal, the raw material quality is good or bad. Like good quality raw materials, produced by filing cabinet durable service life is long, many people is because covet is cheap, and procurement to the inferior filing cabinets, that lead to rust filing cabinets used 1 year. 2 used surroundings of steel filing cabinets, filing cabinets used in damp environment for a long time, surface oxidation speed is accelerated, especially in the south it rains, the office will be very damp. If not timely removal of moisture, filing cabinet hardware accessories will rust first, followed by surface rust, please remember that. 3, filing cabinets surface by sharp objects produced by professional office wirecutter office chair manufacturers, steel file cabinets, before they go out to antirust processing, surface is antirust paint that you saw. If in normal use process, filing cabinets anticorrosive paint was scratched by sharp objects, did not take corresponding measures to repair, can lead to the spot without antirust paint, oxidation, long term filing cabinet would be a large area of rust, affect beautiful even when used at the same time. 4, filing cabinets without product quality inspection also mentioned above low cabinets will make filing cabinets using poor quality raw materials, low cabinets actually is did not pass quality inspection before they go out, the manufacturer is just for the sake of money, they don't care the filing cabinet quality is good. So when purchase the file cabinet, it remains to be seen whether the manufacturer has a quality inspection department, have the related quality certificate. At four o 'clock after reading the above content, believe everybody for reasons affecting the service life of steel file cabinets used to know. Again in the end is also warn broad customer, my friends, when purchasing a file cabinet, do not see which will choose a cheaper, a penny a points goods, filing cabinets is of poor quality at a lower price, after there is no guarantee.
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