The right office furniture should be how to choose?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-03
Office furniture configuration in the enterprise occupies very important position in the design of office decoration, entrepreneurs choose the right office furniture to be able to make the enterprise personnel to feel happiness and pleasure in work, thus improve their work enthusiasm and vitality. But the growing market, all kinds of office furniture, often make a person dazzling, the one is to buy a series of office leather office couch, let person scalp pins and needles, not to mention how to choose furniture material and color, I think we when furniture of choose and buy has the confusion. Then the right office furniture should be how to choose? With small make up together to get to know these considerations. One, pay attention to the office furniture of environmental protection environmental problems related to the staff's health, so when buying office furniture, you will be the preferred office furniture environmental protection level of higher safety performance. Office, which is the core of the work area, the health and safety should be the first to consider the problem. So how to judge what you choose and buy of office furniture is a safe and environmentally friendly? We need to understand is that household environment protection is an important index measured its free formaldehyde content, according to the unified standards prescribed by the state, the highest limit formaldehyde content is E1, the concentration of formaldehyde in air less than or equal to 15 mg per 100 grams of air content. Second, pay attention to color collocation rationality of office furniture office furniture color there are many on the market, consumers when the choice is often very entanglements, this is the office furniture company's professional capacity. Good manufacturers can according to the enterprise the overall coordination of comprehensive consideration to choose the most suitable color, make different colors of office furniture can also build a harmonious spirit of atmosphere. Research has proved that the reasonable colour collocation can enhance staff in the office of the office efficiency. So we should adjust measures to local conditions, on collocation space more nervous area, for example, we can use light color department to match, the outspread feeling on the vision can ease the brunet furniture gives a person the depressive feeling. For high-level office space is larger, in order to improve the environment for our empty cold uncomfortable feeling, can choose a few dark office furniture to decorate. For dark office area, when the choice can choose a color bright beautiful beautiful office furniture, tie-in appropriate light, give a person a kind of comfortable feeling. Perfect fit this way, the contemporary staff for the pursuit of fashion and personality, let them get full of happiness. Three, the overall style to mutual echo the style of office furniture has a lot of, such as European style, Chinese style style, style restoring ancient ways. If it can not be several style harmonious collocation are together, forming the present popular mashup wind, so try to choose the furniture of the same kind of technology. Such as your sofa and metope are some of the more contracted Europe type style, if again put on a Chinese style of office desks and chairs, will appear very abrupt, disturb the overall coordination, it seems is not beautiful. So in the absence of professional advice, had better not be bought some isn't compatible with integral process characteristics of office leather office couch. Four, put the placement office furniture office furniture, should first embarks from the employee's activity area, design a convenient and the location of the staff work activities, in order to improve the work efficiency maximization. The general principle is to employees enough activity space, so that the staff of cohesion between work and work.
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