The power of the White Board!!

by:Frank Tech     2020-02-21
I started using whiteboards in my home office about 7 years ago but didn\'t look back.
I started with buying a small whiteboard from target for daily goals and now I have 6 full size whiteboards in my office, updated daily.
Some hang on the wall, some on the stands, some on my desk, some on the wall.
You might ask, what are some of the things I wrote on all of these whiteboards?
Daily, weekly and monthly targets, and targets for the past few months, if the target is hit or missed, if the reason is missed.
Once completed, I will physically clear the current DOs days on the whiteboard. (
This is a great sense of accomplishment until today)
Weekly revenue forecasts, profit and loss targets.
And delays in refunds and payments.
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