The importance of the theory of choice ergonomic chair

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-09
For office workers, many of them are need long-term sit office, as everyone has different forms, so the demand for leather office chair is also has the difference, in order to be able to let the staff in a warm and healthy office environment, so it is important to the choice of leather office chair, so today we can choose to share with you the importance of ergonomic chair, learn together. 1, because everyone has a height difference, in order to be able to let the office chair can meet the demand of each person to use, so be sure to have the function of the adjustable height, because they are too high cushion if both feet off the ground will be the result of the feet and legs dangling and congestion, so will appear the phenomenon of legs badly, and the cushion is too low will lead to the thigh and hip pressure increases, so will appear fatigue and discomfort of lower limb, so choosing office chair must accord with human body engineering design. 2 and the body health of the lumbar spine directly with the office chair cushion depth has significant relationship, but it is often easily neglected, if the office chair cushion is too short, dangling leads to the knees, then increase the pressure between the legs, so it will cause a lot of lower extremity discomfort, and if the office chair cushion is too long, will lead to can't reach to the back office chair back of a chair, then increased pressure on the small of the back, so for a long time will lead to the staff appear strain of lumbar muscles, lumbar disease. 3, the head office chair parts is an important part of supporting human head, cervical vertebra disease is one of the most headache office workers occupational disease, so choosing leather office chair must choose a headrest, so that the staff can against the headrest proper rest, and be able to very good protection to the staff of the cervical spine, reduce staff fatigue effect, and ergonomic chair is very good at the time of design and production will these aspects to consider, meet the use requirements of staff, comfortable. The above is what we share the importance of the choice of office ergonomic chair, you know here? Hope to you can help, if there are any problems, welcome consulting, answers one by one for you.
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