The importance of office furniture intimate environment

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-07
Commercial significance and meaning of architecture office leather office couch space planning in the work, are closely related, due to the business activities to be finished by people. So, how people use their own workplace yield value? Why workstation, studios and meeting room on work activities promote big than before? The worker needs with what progress work efficiency? Exclusive space on their important? How does it affect work? “ Exclusive & throughout; The term of synonyms and antonyms as research reference. The same one, work in open indoor dasheng bitterness unable to concentrate, but love sitting in a starbucks bar while open computer monitors, in to watch others work. Therefore, the trouble of control ability is define & other; Exclusive space & throughout; The key, rather than how much noise or surrounding personnel. Battle facing today's working environment was satisfied with the worker's needs, know which love to collaborate, which loves to work independently, supply the corresponding planning for them. Planner to help customers, it has to deepen the understanding customer communication dynamics, namely customer define of exclusive space, balance their needs. Cope with the dedicated work space planning, on the surface seems very simple: create a area of appropriate work space, both to maintain the privacy of exclusive area, also has the public areas, at any time can be satisfied with the worker's job function and character requirements. However, physical planning ( Walls, doors and Windows, noise, colour, ceilings, light) Is not the exclusive space for the only answer, in addition also contains personal hobbies, other equally important elements such as company culture, and each factor should be taken into consideration in the planning.
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