the history of the eames office chair

by:Frank Tech     2019-11-16
Charles and Ray Ames are still one of the greatest designers of modern times.
They created breakthrough films, buildings and textiles.
In terms of furniture, they make iconic designs that combine fashion aesthetics, major technical achievements, and the most important comfort.
Since then, many designers have rotated various stylish, innovative and comfortable chairs inspired by their iconic work.
One of Ames\'s most famous designs is the aluminum group, which is known these days as the Ames office chair.
The Ames office chair originated in Columbia, Indiana, in her 1950 s.
Famous architects Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard are designing the home of the industrialist J.
Irwin Miller: The house has been declared a national landmark since then.
The house is a microcosm of modern design. The interior decoration is neat but warm.
Girard is a long-term partner of Eameses and requires them to design high
Quality seats that can be used inside and outside the house.
The chairs of Charles and Ray emstow will be a revolution.
They cast the frame of the seat with aluminum, making it light but sturdy.
It can be moved easily and not damaged easily.
The frame is designed as a composite mesh that supports stretching.
This material is safe, but loose enough to fit the body of anyone sitting inside.
This grid is not the standard cover of the seat, but an integral load-bearing part of the seat design.
This form of seat suspension is a major technological breakthrough, throwing out the rulebook that has existed since ancient Greece, which says the chair should be a solid shell.
The chair, which started mass production as an aluminum group in 1958, has been on sale since then.
There have been some significant changes over the years.
Although these chairs are designed for indoor and outdoor use, these chairs are now used almost exclusively indoors and have been associated with corporate environments such as offices, meeting rooms, and so on: hence, informal names
In order to adapt to the changes in this environment, the original synthetic grid was removed.
It is designed for outdoor use and its disassembly allows for the installation of more types of fabric and interior decoration.
The new accessories include different, more modern mesh, fabric trim, and the most famous black padded leather.
Today, Ames\'s legacy lives on a range of chairs inspired by Ames office chairs.
These new designs borrowed many of the key features of the chair, while continuing the innovative process that the original designers attached so much importance.
In describing his design philosophy, Charles Ames used the parable of banana leaves;
Banana leaves are used as simple dishes in southern India and gradually become more and more gorgeous until some end up using just simple leaves.
\"I am not prepared to say that the banana leaves that one person eats are the same as the banana leaves that another person eats, but the process took place in people who changed banana leaves. \"This return and understanding of simple and elegant philosophy can be seen in the design inspired by Ames.
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