the executive computer paying more attention to furniture

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A lovely 100-year-
Old table and 4-year-
The old PCs don\'t fit together very well.
The table is designed for paper and pen, paper and ink, not for desktop computers, keyboards, laser printers, fax phones and mice.
The matching chairs are designed to support a short period of time, rather than the eight hours a day spent by most office staff on their desks.
Computers have special requirements for the human body, and the wrong furniture tends to exacerbate this requirement.
The right furniture can bring better organization, better accessibility, higher productivity and better health.
Recently passed a computer health law in Suffolk County. I.
Brought new attention to computer furniture.
According to Suffolk law, more than half of employees who work on a computer every week must be equipped with workstations that include adjustable chairs and tables.
While computer manufacturers are redesigning keyboards, monitors, and even the computers themselves to make them easier to use, the device is only a small part of the problem.
In order to meet the needs of computer users, the design of tables and chairs is also changing.
\"Someone will walk into the store, buy a computer for two or 3,000 dollars, and go home and put it on the card table,\" said Jim R . \"
Drum, vice president, mascatine HON modular systems group, Iowa.
HON is a leading manufacturer of office furniture.
Part of the difficulty with advertising for shoppers is that computer dealers know little about furniture and furniture dealers know little about computers. (
Some computer dealers may have furniture in stock, but rarely more than a few pieces. )
Another problem is that the design of computer furniture is usually functional, not fashionable.
If your other furniture is early American, it\'s hard to have a passion for a computer car that looks like an early Quonset.
Except for traditional oak or cherry rolls --
The top desk made by Ark Fort Smith Riverside furniture company.
Richard J. , president of Riverside, said: \"When we started about five years ago, there was not much good computer furniture . \"Udouj. \'Mr.
A study commissioned by Udouj and a designer found that computer users wanted sockets to hide plugs and cables, a lot of storage space, security locks, and pull
Tray for keyboard, display and printer.
The company is also betting that people are willing to pay extra for solid hardwood floor computer furniture;
Riverside prices range from $400 to $1,500.
The price of a replacement usually made of laminated wood is lower.
Among them are furniture made in sullivan, Lamar, Missouri.
O\'Sullivan is a subsidiary of Tandy, whose furniture is often sold at the Radio computer center.
O\'Sullivan has manufactured a modular system that includes a table, a Cook placed on the table, a corner adapter, and a printer holder that is sold for $200.
It offers a more upscale, robust system for $550.
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Computer furniture should be easy to handle no matter how much it costs.
It should allow each component to arrive comfortably and provide a convenient place for packages and documents, print paper and other accessories. Mr.
Drum advises shoppers to \"test driving\" furniture like test computer systems.
\"Sit in a chair and make sure everything fits your needs,\" he said . \".
In fact, the US Science and Health Commission concluded in a report on video display terminals that \"the most important general requirements for good television\"D. T.
The workstation is adjustable with as many functions as possible.
The \"health and safety aspects of the video display terminal\" report costs $2 plus a self-help
Mail envelopes from council 1995 Broadway, New York, for 66 cents. Y. , 10023.
A book published by the Human Factors Association, \"American National Standards for video display of human factors engineering for terminal workstations\", has been discussed in more detail
Santa Monica, California. (213 394-1811). It is $25.
Nothing is more important than sitting in a chair.
When the user\'s foot is flat on the floor, the height should be adjusted so that the user\'s thigh is parallel to the floor.
For those who do not get to the floor comfortably with their legs, it is recommended to use the footrest.
The backrest should support the lower back and should be adjusted according to the profile of the spine.
Chair with backrest can be adjusted according to height, especially useful in office where more than one person shares chair.
The tension of the back should also be adjustable.
Some people like chairs without arms, while others want arm support.
The user should be able to comfortably place the hand on the keyboard and the arm is bent 90 degrees at the elbow to minimize arm fatigue.
Whether this is done by chair adjustment or by a table with adjustable drop down
Keyboard tray is a matter of personal preference.
The top of the computer display should be slightly lower than the user\'s eye level.
Some studies have shown that the best view of the center of the screen is 20 degrees below the eye.
It would be better if there was an adjustable display stand on the table.
Once the adjustable furniture is obtained, it must be used correctly.
\"Many workers have removable keyboards, adjustable chairs, etc.
No adjustments were made because they didn\'t know how to do it or if they were allowed. C. S. H. report said.
Employers should train and encourage workers to use adjustable functions.
A version of this article appeared on page 3003011 of the National edition in October 9, 1988, titled: administrative computers that pay more attention to furniture.
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