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by:Frank Tech     2020-07-22
The annual Dragon Boat Festival tomorrow, you also like other holiday wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival? 端午节快乐? Think it would be wrong, but can't say Happy Dragon Boat Festival Happy Dragon Boat Festival! Want to know why? Then come with small make up rise up knowledge: office furniture in the impression, seems all holiday wishes can match Happy! The Spring Festival, we say Happy Spring Festival! The international working Women's day, we say Happy Women & # 39; 年代的一天! Children's day, we say Happy Children & # 39; 年代的一天! If according to this logic, why cannot say Happy Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Festival? Because actually like qingming festival, the Dragon Boat Festival is a sacrifice in the history of holiday, so to the Dragon Boat Festival we usually say dragon boat! For the fifth lunar calendar, the Dragon Boat Festival is also called DuanYangJie section, may festival, the 5th. 。 。 。 。 。 In the spring and autumn before the Dragon Boat Festival is the festival of illnesses and epidemic prevention, because of the patriotic poet qu yuan in the days after being the reason and evolved into people's reaction to qu yuan, and honor the noble and pure feelings of the Chinese nation holiday, today, the name of qu yuan a fair death honors the whole life, patriotism has also spread to all over China. But there are exceptions, dongwu area of the Dragon Boat Festival has always been not to commemorate qu yuan, but the memory of May 5 was great river of wu zixu, wu and yue areas with dragon boat boatrace and held in the day of tribal totem worship custom is early in the spring and autumn period and the long Dragon Boat Festival eating zongzi, this is a traditional custom of the Chinese people. Dumplings, also known as 'zongzi', 'drum reed'. It has a long history, great variety. Every morning to eat rice dumplings to commemorate qu yuan, the Dragon Boat Festival is usually the day before the rice dumplings wrapped, at night to cook and eat in the morning. 'In the jujube reed homonym for' early, so eat up the reed, reading to children eat can early draft. The reader to participate in the imperial examination on the same day, in the morning to eat jujube reed, since middle school, the university entrance exam day morning, parents also need to do jujube reed to the examinee, furniture small make up wish examinee admitted to good schools. Guangzhou office furniture - — 15 years focused on whole producing custom office furniture enterprise, is committed to 'fashion simple, environmental protection, no peculiar smell, high-end atmosphere' of all series of office furniture, for enterprises to build exclusive fashion personality, contracted and modern office space. If your companies have just office furniture procurement requirements, might as well know about the office furniture, we will tailor exclusive for you free your office furniture overall solution welcome your enquiries: 400 - 028 - 1816
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