The difference between modern Chinese style partition screen and creative partition screen

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-23
Partition is a method commonly used in the design of wirecutter office chair of office environment, due to the design plan of the specifications of the different size, make the final rendering decorate a style. Now two of the most popular partition method respectively, the modern Chinese style partition screen and creative type partition screen, both in material use, design methods and specifications different aspects such as modelling, but each have each advantage. So what is the difference between these two kinds of layout? How should choose? A, what are the characteristics of modern Chinese style partition screen? 1, the patterns of the distinctive features of modern Chinese style screen partition designs are very artistic, and it is this antique design features, makes the modern Chinese style screen partition restore ancient ways the most representative in Chinese style household sheet is tasted. This kind of partition screen adornment sex is very strong, it can beautify the office space, the overall coordination look soft. In addition, gleaming design gives the whole office environment with unique hazy beauty. The culture of modern Chinese style partition screen is very profound, embodies the unique taste of the enterprise. Modern partition screen has the function of the traditional screen wind already, at the same time also has the features such as increased privacy, effectively disjunctive space. Another partition screen design on modern Chinese landscape painting, flower-and-bird figure, ancient poems, etc. , to spread traditional Chinese aesthetic culture, at the same time also can add infinite interest to boring office life. 2, hollow partition design in the modern Chinese style partition screen hollow partition design has the characteristics of high-end and elegant atmosphere, etc. This design USES the raw material is natural lumber, then through professional carving craft making into a unique texture, hollow out the regularity of the line to be able to let a space appear more flexible, strong retro flavor can also increase the aesthetic effect of office. In addition to this design modelling, the user can also according to his be fond of, using a variety of raw materials to build rich style elegant hollow partition screen, these materials are mainly stainless steel, alloy, cany art class, etc. Second, what are the characteristics of modern creative partition screen? Partition screen office wirecutter office chair characteristics mainly adopts modern creative materials mainly glass partition, glass partition of the popular screen, including the black box, color glass, glass and red frame, etc. Glass has the good permeability, sex is extremely strong combination, etc. The concise design style can increase the style of office environment, add corporate personality glamour. Relative to the modern view partition screen, its modelling is more bold and creative, but also has many special shape, such as metal frame, glass, etc. To better the modern office is concise, elegant, relaxed and characteristics of together. To sum up, when the choice, with the nature of the company, as well as office workers work habits to decide.
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