The development direction of office furniture factory

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-15
The development direction of office furniture factory 1, environmental protection intelligent custom furniture industry to transformation of China's leather office couch industry after years of development, has made no small achievements, has become one of the largest producer and exporter. In 2014, for office furniture industry, the opportunities and challenges, the traditional furniture enterprises cannot continue, should focus on the broad market environment, the choice suits own design concept and mode of operation, under the increasingly fierce competition, protect their own rights and interests, in the industry to stand out, achieve better results. 2, new urbanization drive furniture industry expansion of urbanization is considered & other; The biggest potential to expand domestic demand & throughout; And & other Throughout China, a giant engine of economic growth &; 。 The eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China 'report to & other; Promoting the construction of new urbanization & throughout; , which has injected vitality to the development of second - and third-tier cities, played a shot in the arm for the depression of the real estate industry, and add new momentum for its downstream of the leather office couch industry, may bring new opportunities for furniture industry. The third plenary session of the eighteenth once again sounded the JinJunHao comprehensively deepen reform, in the face of the favorable policy environment, enterprises should calm down and study consumer market, adjust the train of thought, changing business strategy, to seize a new generation of consumers better. , urban and rural integration, production, economical and intensive, ecological livable city interaction and harmonious development as the basic characteristics of the new type of urbanization, will also drive the coordinated development of medium cities, small cities and towns, a new type of rural community and mutually promote and drive the expansion of the furniture industry at the same time, will also go a long way in the field of government procurement.
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