The design of office furniture is a certain principle

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-17
First, should follow the humanized design, office furniture design process should be according to the guidance of human body engineering, people-centered, meet the needs of the user's physiology and psychology. On the one hand, the scale of the office furniture should adapt to the human body scale, scale, such as the operation range and height of the table, seat of institutions and height, the height of the tank type, etc. ; On the other hand is the color of office furniture, material, decorative pattern etc. Will affect the user's psychological, so in the design should be considered according to the use of groups. Second, is a function should meet the needs of the use place. Office furniture design, according to the use of different places will have corresponding requirements, such as the office desk, computer desk, filing cabinets, etc. , the boardroom table, chairs and so on, the reference room of the filing cabinet, such as reading desks and chairs, laboratory chairs, table, cabinet, filing cabinets, etc. , different places of office furniture should meet the functional requirements, the structure and the corresponding equipment, guarantee the perfect realization of the function. Third, the principle of is security. Office furniture design in the process, should be strictly follow the mechanics and engineering machinery, materials science, technology, and requirements, the design of the structure, components and processing, lest appear unreasonable design, the user is not convenient to use, more importantly may appear safety accidents, so should pay special attention to. Pleasant and comfortable office environment can improve the work efficiency, reduce the loss of labor office, excellent office furniture design is the most critical part, in addition to the above situation, in the process of office furniture design, also will be involved in all aspects of problems, professional office furniture company will, as a whole view of the system to plan as a whole. Welcome consulting guangzhou office furniture.
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