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by:Frank Tech     2020-08-04
In our office, I often contact office furniture. So, you know that office furniture can work for what we do? Small make up here to talk about the role of furniture in the office environment. When it comes to the role of office furniture, we should be discussed from two aspects. On the one hand, it has certain physical features, on the other hand, it has a certain mental function. On the material, it can not only meet the needs of others, and can realize the space organization of open space, pass, and off. In particular, can from four aspects: disjunctive space. Large office space and office furniture can make the space continuous separation of continuous, easy to contact, and also facilitate the rapid restructuring of space and speed up the intelligence activities. Balance space. The volume of office furniture is an important factor of spatial layout and position. Appropriate layout, space can be balanced. Enlarge a space. Office furniture and office furniture between indirect extension based on its versatility, storage and stackable. There are three main methods: closet or ledge, multi-functional office furniture or office furniture, folding wall cabinet. The frame style. This greatly increases the available space. Space is limited. Although the function of the office furniture does not have shut down or keep out the line of sight, but can be divided into the use of different regions, and then people in the interior organization of action, in order to satisfy a variety of functions in the same room. In terms of spirit, the main function of office furniture also includes the following four aspects: first, to give people artistic enjoyment. Fashion and harmonious office furniture and their combination can increase the fun of office space, make the office staff can feel the space and enjoy the works of art. Second, reflect the office culture and create a particular atmosphere. Office furniture can serve the space of individual character, creating and setting up the atmosphere, and through the external or internal factors ( Such as shape, color, proportion, material, etc. ) Express different styles to reflect employees' point of view, all aspects of the personality and philosophy. The transaction. Show the office culture. Third, adjust the color of the office environment. The color of the indoor environment is constitute of the indoor environment of the various elements of the inherent color combination. The inherent color of furniture also is one of them. It can harmonize the colours and create a harmonious environment. Fourth, reflects era, customs and regional culture. Office furniture of clear era and local brand, conveys rich cultural information.
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