The choose and buy office chair need to pay attention to what issues? { }

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-08
Along with the fast pace of office life, more and more enterprise staff long or sit at a desk to engage in mental work overtime. Whether office, meeting, social activities and so on can be conducted on the Internet, whether at home or the office, we have to focus on 'sit', if long time in poor quality of design is not reasonable, sit feeling not comfortable leather office chair, will affect the operation of the human body blood circulation, destroy the human digestive system, disrupt metabolism, affect bone health, causing cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, periarthritis of shoulder, wrist pulse tube and so on many kinds of disease, so a comfortable office chair right is very important for your health. So share furniture below small make up to you to choose leather office chair should pay attention to what matters: 1. Good seat cushion cost is higher, the general office chair cushions, so many businesses are basically on the seat, good seat is generally thick, and with the concave curve, have very good feeling, now the market popular mesh office chair is a good choice, sit feels comfortable and good for heat dissipation. 2. Back of a chair of office chair back its comfortable feeling and security, part chair is very loose, slightly shaking can produce noise, this chair is not only easy to damage, also pose a safety hazard. And the height of the back of a chair, a great market now is can regulate the function of the backrest height, make a chair, flexible, no can do, is a good office chair chair function is very important. 3, lift problem know when buy steering rod pressure rod material, as well as better, as early as in use process if it lift is blocked, it may pose a safety hazard, need to contact businesses, further solve the problem. 4. Site of the stability of the material selection is extremely important, good product usually stainless steel or aluminum alloy material, and the poor is using common engineering plastics. 5. foot, four claws of the chair feet because of the land area is small, so the stability is poorer, five claws of the area is much larger than four claws, ensures the stability of the chair, six claw the safest, its drawback is that at the foot of activity is not convenient, easy to often hit the feet, so almost all the chairs on the market are five claw type. Guangzhou office furniture - — 15 years focused on whole producing custom office furniture enterprise, is committed to 'fashion simple, environmental protection, no peculiar smell, high-end atmosphere' of all series of office furniture, for enterprises to build exclusive fashion personality, contracted and modern office space. If your companies have just office furniture procurement requirements, might as well know about the office furniture, we will tailor exclusive for you free your office furniture overall solution welcome your enquiries: 400 - 028 - 1816
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