The boss's desk what pay attention to feng shui

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-19
Office wirecutter office chair styles of types of commonly used solid wood, board type, combination type, type of these common stainless steel material, but basically as desk normally is solid wood and plate material as base material of choice. Some more and dignity of the occasion, of course, desk on base material choice to cooperate with some leather decoration. Desk and as the boss, in addition to the material above compared commonly consider more, more is geomantic learn to consider. Fengshui and superstition are two different things, don't mix, below could tell the boss desk put what is geomantic exquisite. 1, is behind the back if you are careful, can be found, but all bosses office, behind the desk must be stood against the wall in front of the bookshelf. In fengshui, back backer, left tsing lung, is the truth. 2, avoid is virtual three sides for bosses, decision is what they need to face every day. For fengshui, three surface if it is for the virtual desk, which is empty, is easy to cause indoor host character close to impetuous instability. For character easy impetuous decision makers is not a good thing, so in order to avoid may make a radical decision, bosses will choose in the three sides of the rest of the desk to make corresponding deserve to act the role of furnishing articles. 3, small but not in the corner is a good word, but bad for bosses. Especially the desk in a corner, easy to let a person feel indoor host is a timid person, easy to form did not feel the desire to do better. 4, size suitable for the boss desk size is not the bigger the better, the so-called to primary and secondary, to appropriate size. Another is, regardless of his feng shui desk size fitting, is also to avoid the embarrassment of caused by primary and secondary is not coordinated. That is the size of the desk, must match the size of the office. In fengshui, size and office desk size if not able to form a consistent, easy to cause ShaQi. Actually the boss's desk, material will be put in priority, but is often the case, rather than material, bosses more care is geomantic learn to consider. And geomantic learn is indeed very some s, this with superstitions are separated to treat.
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