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It may look like a big high
But for compensation expert Terry Malone, there are no other office chairs to do with the exception of Aeron.
Malone recalled the first time she saw plastic and fabric: \"This is indeed the most unusual chair --\"
A mesh chair in her Brea office.
But \"very comfortable.
\"Despite the unusual appearance and high price of Aeron, it has officially established an office in the United States, challenging the long term
Have a comfortable concept and established corporate tradition. The Aeron--
Born in Santa Monica design studio-
It is one of the few office furniture approved by industrial designers and purchasing agents.
Despite the slowdown in office furniture sales in the face of economic weakness, Aeron\'s appeal has spread beyond American offices and become a symbol of identity.
It can be seen on TV shows and home offices, hotel rooms and even Dodge stadium.
\"This has become the goal,\" said Catherine Bennett, an expert and teacher in product design at the School of Design, Pasadena Arts Center. \"It\'s high-
Seating for the show.
\"The chair is not for everyone.
Some of the higher workers complained about the support behind it.
Others complained that the handrails were too low.
But for office furniture maker Herman Miller, the chair has proven to be a huge shock
The company has sold more than millions of Aerons since the medium term1990s.
Although the company can buy Aeron for $700 to $400 each, the price of the new chair is about $600.
The look and concept behind Aeron represents a major gamble, even for companies like Herman Miller known for cutting --
Edge furniture created by legendary designers such as Late Charles and Ray Ames.
Aeron was designed by Santa Monica\'s industry veteran Donald Chadwick in partnership with Bill stammoff of Minneapolis, with a seat and back
The company says the grid helps reduce stress points and heat accumulation.
Structure of Aeron--
There are three sizes--
Various adjustment mechanisms allow for a range of movements and positions.
The chair, Bennett said, \"completely changed the concept of comfortable seating \".
\"It used to be the kind of big and expensive cushion chair.
This is a new definition of comfort.
\"In addition to the fashion and ergonomic correctness, Aeron also reflects the designer\'s equal view of the workplace, in which comfortable seats are not limited to those in the corner office.
Instead, Aeron aims to attract employees from all categories, especially those who spend a lot of time working on their computers.
Despite initial concerns about its aggressive styling, Herman Miller launched Aeron at the end of 1994, which was well received.
\"You need to stand out in the office chair market,\" 64-year-old Chadwick said in a recent interview with his modest studio --
A workshop in Santa Monica Industrial Park.
\"You need a strong visual image.
\"The Image and comfort of Aeron is particularly popular on the Internet and on the high Internet
Chadwick thought of the technology company when he founded Aeron.
Not only is Aeron high-
The appearance of technology, but its equal aura is suitable for high
Contempt for the traditional corporate hierarchy and the traditional technology culture.
So even most of the time
Coms like tables made of doors and filing cabinets, and Aeron is the preferred chair.
\"Because it looks radical, it\'s integrated into the tech culture,\" says Jeff Witt, an interior designer at Pasadena . \".
\"They are looking for something different. \"While the dot-
This chair has entered the new industry and environment, which has made the second-hand Aerons market flourish.
Screenwriter Michael Murray\'s Aeron sits in the family office in Pasadena, furnished with historic Stickley furniture.
\"Some office chairs are very ugly,\" Murray said . \" He bought Aeron shortly after launching Aeron.
\"When I saw the chair, I said, \'I must.
Its style is very high.
Sound engineer and musician Benjamin más said he appreciated the fabric of the chair, which kept him calm in some poorly ventilated recording studios where he often spent hours at post-Production work.
\"It\'s perfect for your body,\" Maas said . \".
\"It makes those long days much easier.
Tim Carey said: \"At the suggestion of film studio executives, the Los Angeles Dodgers have equipped their new luxury suite with about 500 chairs, senior vice president of catellus Development
Manage the decoration of 2000 square meters.
\"This is an identifiable chair that gives the suite a [upscale]
Said Carey.
Later, he persuaded Catellus to equip its Los Angeles office with Aerons.
Even the most traditional company, the chair is becoming more and more popular.
In the executive suite of the 21st Century Woodlands Hills insurance company, Chief Executive Officer Bruce Marlow personally thumbs up --
As part of the stylish new interior design, you can reach Aeron.
Eventually Aerons will be available to the entire company.
\"Now everyone has the same chair and they are all as comfortable,\" said Michelle Phillips, 21st century administrative assistant . \".
\"It\'s like a chair that\'s easy to sit in.
\"The fact that at the Brea office at Avery International, where compensation specialist Malone works, senior management and receptionists now use the same chair does not seem to shake anyone\'s sense of status.
\"We found the chairs of those big square managers. . .
\"It\'s not necessarily the most comfortable,\" Malone said . \".
\"We really have no problem converting.
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