Teach you to easily distinguish real wood furniture and furniture that stick a skin of specific methods

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-25
Each office furniture from just moved into the office to after a long time, the first to buy the furniture watched the greasy, want to change the new furniture, the choice of a lot of people are solid wood furniture, so the question comes, want to buy some good quality solid wood furniture is a difficult, first appeared on the market is a kind of similar to real wood furniture, the furniture that stick a skin and then buy real wood furniture is a little bit difficult to distinguish them. Since solid wood furniture and furniture that stick a skin is like, so you should how to distinguish? Tell you simple and practical method. A solid wood furniture, furniture USES time usually use time in decades and intact, and the furniture that stick a skin is bought with real wood furniture really the same, but has spent the past few months, may be the cracks on the surface. 2 the smell of solid wood furniture, furniture generally remain lumber itself has its own aroma, long can smell the fragrance, the furniture that stick a skin is buy back a large stock of formaldehyde taste, very bad. Three wood real wood furniture, furniture is because real wood to so is irregular, however it is rule of the furniture that stick a skin wood grain, look very good-looking, but is actually fake solid wood furniture, used to mislead buyers. Four, the voice of the furniture can be in solid wood furniture of choose and buy time to hit the surface with the hand, solid wood furniture will be clicked on, and the sound that stick a skin is very bad. With the increase of furniture market competitiveness, plus furniture factory start-up capital threshold is low, so many small furniture workshop has poured into the furniture market, to prevent their buy inferior furniture, let you can accurately in furniture of choose and buy time to select the suitable furniture? Please baidu search office furniture, every day there is good-looking and practical with high degrees of information waiting for you to see.
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