Teach you how to identify the method of the office furniture quality is good or bad

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-10
Teach you how to identify the office furniture quality stand or fall of firm 1, whether the office furniture layout in bidding desk, filing cabinets and other office furniture moment to check the frame layout can be strong, can have groove, glue can be rigorous. Like a sofa of choose and buy to look from the base frame, can't mortise, if not glue, the base frame will be loose deformation. 2, whether the work fine office furniture quality concern, want to see details, furniture level with delicate do manual work is affect furniture products quality is good or bad the crux of the identity. Check office sofa surface quality can pass; Along the cloth sofa outside of floss the, the level of environment is how to can have signs of jump line; Among the shelter is to use the old fabric and the dirt leather. Soft furniture initiative everyone carefully check the inside of the filling material and the workmanship level. 3, see if I can cut corners problems with some office furniture fittings, the moment of the choose and buy must be checked carefully, see if I can have less, or in the use of time, lack the arm little leg, very affected its wrong use.
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