Teach you how to handle office furniture modern office furniture scratches on the latest information | |

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-23
Teach you to deal with the modern office furniture office furniture scratches: in office furniture in use process, will inevitably have some scratches or indentation, although it is not very serious. But they affect the overall appearance of office furniture, at this time, what should we do? Small make up of modern office furniture to you tell me about its processing method. One, we will dent on the wood with an iron iron: iron, paper towels, water; Flap have indentation with water: water not too much, just covered the impression is good, with a paper towel or cloth cover on it. Then water will penetrate into the wood, and then put the iron set to maximum, pressure where the dent, move constantly, until the paper towel to dry. When wood is bibulous, can restore to the original shape, if there are dents, repeatable process. Recover after three, reduction, use sandpaper to clean place, make it smooth.
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