Teach you how to choose the right office furniture?

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-25
How to choose the right office furniture? First frame structure is rigid, furniture, office furniture, especially the small furniture, such as stools, chairs, etc. , can be in when the choose and buy of concrete floor and a tow, gently put aside, if the sound is ringing, explain quality is better; If a hoarse voice or scratching noises or a squeaky voice, that the combination of mortise is not sealed, screw on tight enough. If this is the most basic appearance do bad office furniture, it is hard to guarantee the quality, it is recommended that you must choose a company that has a production capacity. Second, furniture materials whether qualified: application environment of office furniture, the surface of the material is also made the difference, such as tables, chairs, the legs of the cabinet with the bearing quality good hard miscellaneous wood, whereas the internal could select other material. Bathroom cabinets moistureproof board instead of fiber board should be used to do, because fiberboard can expand under the influence of water will affect the whole service life of the cabinet. Third, lumber moisture content is less than 12%, the moisture content of office furniture cannot exceed 12%, if the moisture content is exorbitant, can cause furniture deformation, warping phenomenon. When consumer is buying furniture, usually empty, then the moisture content is how to handle it can adopt the way of touch, touch bottom or furniture has no place to paint on the inside, if feel feel damp, the moisture content of the furniture is very high, such furniture, must not choose. The second method is to sprinkle some water in spraying paint furniture, if spread slowly or don't spread, shows that the moisture content of furniture is higher, such furniture also can't choose. , paint surface to smooth 4: if you when buy, found that the furniture surface paint, that is absolutely cannot choose, paint spraying is relatively mature technology, but if even this most basic of a furniture company work do not good, that is what's the other aspects of the work. When everyone in the choice of office furniture will also examine the effect of marginal parts painted, often prone to collapse slag, the phenomenon of off paint, when the choice must be carefully check.
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