'Steel office furniture' steel office furniture that several kinds of technology do you understand?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-25
How much do you know about steel office furniture, most people choose steel office furniture may be only because it is cheap, don't care about other features of it. In order to you can better use the steel office furniture, office furniture foshan franktechfurniture now to introduce you to steel office furniture that several process. Steel office leather office couch, office furniture can be divided into pedal type sticker board type furniture, melamine board office furniture, and is composed of two or more of the above categories of mixed type plate office furniture. 1, steel office furniture leather technology: in particieboard or MDF plate surface made of steel office furniture leather, this kind of process to produce furniture. Is the steel office furniture. Its advantage is surface as beautiful as the solid steel office furniture, have natural texture; The disadvantage is that on the environmental performance than real steel office furniture is a bit poor. 2, stickers, leather craft: coming through special craft processing office furniture of paper on the sheet surface make it process, in this process in the production of office furniture is sticker pedal type of office furniture. Its advantage is office furniture surface color and pattern controlled; Defect is to process high quality requirements, easy peeling, damage repair after it's hard to do. 3, melamine process: melamine process is on the surface of plate, after high temperature and high pressure, covered with a layer of melamine surface. After this craft processing board type furniture, smooth surface, wear resistant, heat resistant, office furniture can keep itself materials colors; Whether the defect is inferior product environmental protection standard, sealing side is not good will have crack, can change color. Where to buy steel office furniture? Foshan franktechfurniture office furniture to pay attention to quality and service, 15 years of industry experience, with steel and wood, originality creating environmental, economic and durable high quality steel office furniture, main products including filing cabinets, lockers, shelves, safes, shelves, store content ark, cabinet, etc. Franktechfurniture office furniture wholesale and custom hotline 13701820564 'steel office furniture' PK plate steel office furniture office furniture, which one is better?
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